Nakawa West: Mukesh Shukla files election petition contesting Joel Senyonyi's win

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Nakawa West: Mukesh Shukla files election petition contesting Joel Senyonyi's win

SUMMARY: Lawyers for Mukesh Shukla filled a challenge in the court against Mr. Joel Ssenyonyi's victory in last month's election, claiming the voting results was not reflecting voter's in Nakawa west.

The City business man Mukesh Commonly know as Shumuk has petitioned High Court seeking to overturn the victory of Nakawa west MP-elect Joel Ssenyonyi.
In his petition, Mr. Mukesh who came 6 out of 14 in the January 14 elections after getting 806 votes accuses the Electoral Commission (EC) and Mr. Joel Ssenyonyi (respondents) of conspiring to steal his victory.

The petitioned 'he'  accusing Nakawa west MP-elect, Joel Ssenyonyi of National Unity Platform (NUP) and electoral commission seeking based on evidence and fact on the ground, on reaction voter's that 'he' saying was not reflecting depending on Nakawa west voter's register!

Mr. Mukesh alleges that several presiding officers connived with Mr. Joel Ssenyonyi's agents to alter Declaration Results forms to deny his victory. He also accuses Mr. Joel of bribing voters and using his  operatives to intimidate hir voters.

According to the Mr. Mukesh who was at his first political move MP Nakawa west curved on Nakawa division, on independent ticket after defeated in National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries by Nantogo Ziwa, Mr. Joel was seen on the Election Day (January 14, 2021) intimidating voters and the voter's turn up was 10 percent.
He wants court to nullify Mr. Joel Ssenyonyi's victory and also order for a fresh election.

"As entrepreneurship and investor we are trying to transform leadership of the area, you all know that Nakawa West was the first new industrial area in 1990s and have an issue of manufacturing and industrial development which needs industrial personnel to take the off as manufacturing hub not only for Nakawa West but as Uganda as well to reflect the community needs" Mukesh told this website.

Meanwhile this comes at a time when more than 30 people who were defeated in the recently concluded parliamentary elections have petitioned court challenging the victory of those who were declared as a winners and on the other hand, Parliament is in preparations for the swearing in of the new Members of Parliament.


Mr. Mukesh blame the say of saying his not a common Person as other people may think or know. "He" said am very common man, a citizen if Uganda, having responsibility of entrepreneurship industries and manufacturing as far as Government is concerned we more access to develop and having ideas that's one of the reasons why we are still independent and trying to promote progress of development and industrialization, our Uganda's dream as common person.

"All of you are stakeholder in terms of development and employment prosperity, so I personally think we fighting for prosperity for all, through this independent individual and change the mindset of voter's, parliamentarian, let's start with progress and let's get democratic difference based on idealogy, based on popularise. So I think my effort will be to remove popularise in politics and build more maritus candidature in coming future" he said.

"Leadership of Uganda, I don't agree in Government that they are having representative from maritus Ugandan's, the interpretation is yours? Adding that positive development needs in Nakawa west to take responsibility, to command development goals and I call Nakawa west remain developed as together more than what it is, of which Mr. Joel didn't have it." He adds

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