"Reconciliation Is The Root Way To Go" NRM Boss Tadwong Told Kayunga District Party Leaders.


"Reconciliation Is The Root Way To Go" NRM Boss Tadwong Told Kayunga District Party Leaders.

KAMPALA-UGANDA|PRESSUG PUBLICATIONS| The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Secretary General Rt. Hon Richard Todwong has commenced Kayunga party leadership's to kick off the reconciliation journey in order to take the party forward followed by it's ambitions.

Tadwong said that problems are everywhere given example of a family where problems always arise and settled in house amicably. "Sorry for what went wrong and those that happened without the party consent, some of you are injured by political wave and ended up by separating and fighting each other. Now the party says the time is now to unite as NRM Family and forget the past" Said Tadwong.
He 'Tadwong' adds that the political gospel is now to welcome every body who's ready to add a milestone on the party. Meanwhile the 'talk tour' we are doing is to request you to rend us your ears because the party chairman who's non other than Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who doubles, the president of the republic of Uganda needs unity mot only in NRM party but the country  at large. 

Tadwong who was speaking to the party leaders at various levels from Kayunga sub-counties, Busaana town council and Kayunga district at Namagabi secondary school in Ntenjeru North Constituency Kayunga district said that, the new appointee leadership at the NRM secretariat has opened up a new chapters which will always seek to hear party leadership from the grassroots with the intention of hearing the major problems they face for the better solution. 
“Who's the party? The party is not I my self 'Tadwong' neither the NRM electoral commission Dr. Tang or any member at the secretariat, what makes the party stronger is its members meaning you the party. You are the roots that are supporting the party stem, the example of a good leader, is the leader that can forgive each other, allowed to be advised and we all have our own weakness but the bottom line is to accept to work together the rest will be history". Said Tadwong.
Todwong urged the party leaders to reach out to people not only to close the political gaps but also to avoid disservice among them selves.
He adds 'Tadwong' NRM never wanted to so called bad politics thats why 'Uganda' has a multi party system which is very closed to people's interests. However kick me and I kick you politics won't work for any more in NRM. We are here and will be always there for you as I told this is a new ideas and interacting dor better tomorrow. 
Tadwong expounds more like telecom companies as MTN subscribers cant use Airtel benefits which related to political parties that NRM supporters should only vote for the party flag bearers. "If you have Airtel simcard there's no way you can load MTN airtime and is the main reason we are implementing multi party politics. NRM should vote for NRM cadres". Said Tadwong 

He commenced the party leaders raise on issues that concerning with people such as land grabbing, corruption which mounts the country that are fade the image of the party.
“Don't wait for the chairman or top executive to speak on such issues in your area, feel free as the leader and speak about them at a certain point where you hold fearsome let us know and we brought in iron hand. Note that some issue has no side either NRM or any other party the more you keep quiet is the more your people will suffer". Tadwong told the leaders.
Hon Rosemary Nansubuga Sseninde the party director in charge of mobilization and cadre said the follow up of this new chapter it will help the party leaders to stand out and correct the party image.

“This is a new chapter. We no longer wait for electionsto speak to you. The mission is to make the party stronger not only in Kayunga but the country at large". Said Sseninde.
There was on going wars between NRM brothers and sisters which brought  the party support slightly down but we can't sit down at the secretariat, moving around the city centre eating chicken wings when things are out of controlled at lower levels. This is the main core for our talk tour for you to speak to us and things bank to normal. 
“Come 2026, we want to ensure that we speak the same language and trust me we can recover, we can return the highest percentage that we used to register in elections what we need is to join our hands together with the same tongue". Said Sseninde  adding that this new strategy will also help to attract other members from different political parties.
Dr. Tanga Odoi, chairman NRM electoral commission call upon the NRM district leaders to desist from forming cliques because are diverting them from the party foundation and also limited them from the party services as well as government programs.

"You all belong to the mass party 'NRM' family under their founding father and the party's national chairman H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who's love every body without discrimination. The if the father loves you all why are you running  away from the party? Dr. Tang asked the party leaders adding that they should stop if they to shine the party". Said Tang.
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