School bursar resorts to urban modern farming

School bursar resorts to urban modern farming
By Kabuye Ronald
A social worker resorts to urban modern farming after losing her school bursar job during the covid 19 pandemic.
Akunguzi Noweli a 28yr old woman working with Tom&Jan Kindergarten at Namungoona-Masanafu in lubaga division-Kampala city,says she became unemployed after closure of schools in April 2020 due to the pandemic outbreak in uganda and had to think hard to earn a living since she was working with a private school which could not pay her without working.
"Having an agricultural background,I like farming and since i was idle during the lockdown,i decided to try urban farming"says Akunguzi. 
She then approached his boss to allow her use the unoccupied space on the roof top of the school building to start a small grocery's farm since the MAM season was almost ending.
Akunguzi says his boss was somehow hesitant after narrating her proposal which involved carrying soil to his roof top but later he allowed her to proceed and after two weeks he realized it was a good idea which could be used as a school demostration farm once schools resume.
In her farm, she particularly concentrated on groceries like cabbages, tomatoes, sukuma week,onions,spinaches aming others.
she expect to earn 1million shillings monthly after investing 200,000/= to setup the garden and buying seeds.
Her garden on the rooftop is made of sacks piled with loam soil and organic manure mostly cow dung. The plants are fixed on the sides of the sacks where a single sack can carry more than ten different plants and since the place is open the plants absorbs enough sunshine,rain where necessary but if it fails to rain then she applies the irrigation method.
As other Ugandans are cursing the lockdown, Akunguzi a former school bursar and a social worker is celebrating that it enabled to open her mind and think of another activity for survival as well a life changer since she is planning to go back home and utilize the chunk of land in the village for commercial modern farming after carrying out enough demonstrations on her urban farm.