The Land Grabbed By Brother Ronnie Makabai Turned Him Into A Trouble, Pastor Senyonga Pinned Him Using President's Name To Cover His Own Crimes.

By Pressug Online News Publication

The Land Grabbed By Brother Ronnie Makabai Turned Him Into A Trouble, Pastor Senyonga Pinned Him Using  President's Name To Cover His Own Crimes.

SUMMARY; It is unlawful to abuse the office of the president to cover your own Crime and do damage reputable people,  who have worked hard to keep their testimony intact. Knowing that his fate is in balance, Makabai is now throwing a kitchen sink thinking that if Pastor Jackson Senyonga is discredited, his message on false prophets, land grabbing  scandals and his entire mafia pastor's will stop.

The said brother Ronnie Makabai owns a groupofpeoplecallingthemselvespastor'swho'sgoingaroundthecountryblackmailingthepresidentMuseveniandclaimingpresidentsenthimtocarryoutsomeinvestigationaboutPastorJacksonSenyonga.ItalsoallegedthatbesidesthatBrotherRonnieMakabaicontinues asking  money from different  pastor's pretending to help them financially and stole money from people promising them to build their church structures. 

The Muswangali family

According to the information received by this website after publishing the story entitled,  t'ss alleged that, Makabai runs a cult, faking miracles and conning  money from unsuspecting people.

Following the previous story still published by this website, the powerful Pastor Jackson Senyonga he stands to call a upon Uganda police to quickly investigate and round up Makabai and his gangs group who sold out to destroy the person's of the president 'Museveni' and other prominent individuals in both Government and security agencies. 

"I was told the president's office soon to make a statement about about this matter" Pastor Jackson told this website.

"I would  like to encourage General Angina who is a good man to resist from being used by those selfish  individuals like Makabai, the false pastor Siraje saga. His name and operation wealth creation (OWC) was mentioned, pastor Mondo saga, now operation wealth creation is mentioned again in Makabai's saga" Said Pastor Senyonga in advising the OWC boss to distance his self from being used by the culprits. 

This website has been informed that the OWC boss Gen Angina is the one who called deputy inspector general of police (IGP) who then called the Kampala  Metropolitan police commander (KMP) who also the called Kasangati police chief to release the culprits who were lawfully and polity apprehended by police.

"They were releasedby police without making any statements which is unprofessional when there's a file against them with statements from complaints. However having put them on high gear pressure, the PSU has reigned in and the culprits are being brought to book". The source told this website.


This website dig into deeper to know what exactly went wrong and happened, Pressug released that the reason for Makabai attacking Pastor Jackson Senyonga at this time is to trying diverting the public  from the obvious crimes reported against him by one of the people called Simon Muswangali on behalf of Muswangali's family. 

"Makabai forcibly alleged  to stole land from the Muswangali's family and other families who where by then his church members of ETM church to set up his church, Radio Christ FM and his Ark TV on that very land along salama road" Reviewed by the source. 

The source also adds that, after many years of this family seeking for justice they failed because Makabai bribed Katwe police and other Government Institutions, the family went on to Pastor Senyonga for help because of his message that always carry, Pastor  Senyonga managed to refer them to a good lawyer's who couldn't take a bribe from Makabai and since then the case has progressed meanwhile Makabai is now against Pastor Senyonga. 


Emmanuel Gabula chairman muswangali zone makindye 2 parish salama road

The 71 year's of old Emmanuel Gabula the chairman Muswangali zone Makindye 2 parish Salama Road who has been the chairman of this place since 1989 up to date, is the man who brought Makabai with a kind and good faithful heart on Muswangali's land, by then Gabula was the church elder who negotiated and get together the two sides into a written agreement rental of three years between the family and Makabai, 2006, 2007 and 2008. 

This website hold exclusive interview with Gabula, he said the entrance of Makabai into the land was me because as the chairman and be a follower in his church. 

"I was the savant in his church and I worked there as an elder, so me being that I was known to those ladies (Muswangali's family) as the owner we entered into agreement,  a tenant's agreement of which we agreed to rent it for three years, we paid for the first year eight hundred thousand shillings  (800,000) in 2006 and in 2007 again we paid another installment of the same amount (800,000) from there we have never gone with agreement, in brief we stoped there". Gabula told this website while tears

"In the same agreement we agreed  that were to put temporary structures instead of permanent structures, unfortunately after some times I saw that it was unfit and I decided to quit from his ministries and I went be in my religion  as a catholic after recounts that Makabai is now becoming enemy to the entire family". Gabula Reviewed to this website 


"A thief is someone who comes in  or enter by force but Makabai didn't enter by force only that he went off the agreement. so, by the "thief  or Mufere" whatever but me pointing him as thief where did I break? I can't say that. 

"When I was still there I tried advise him please let us paid the family otherwise  if was know he paid I would have still in his church. The famis now no longer interested in negotiating and for them now want their land" Said Gabula 


"That one am not part of tha family and I do not know there interests. However Makabai is a land Grabber, his grabbing people's land, I pity, I sympathised with those people who are cheated, I sympathised with them now I see what happened in Kisenyi and other parts of the country, that one breaks my heart. I totally condemned such acts and the president him self I hear him in Kyankwanzi condemning land grabbing". Said Gabula

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