Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga's Family Demand For Justice, Immediate Release Of Their Family Member


Victoria University Vice Chancellor Dr. Lawrence Muganga's Family Demand For Justice, Immediate Release Of Their Family Member

The family and friends of Victoria University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga have demanded for justice, immediate release of their family members. Dr. Muganga who was on thursday morning 02/09/2021 forcefully arrested from his office at Victoria University in Kampala.

Addressing the media in the joint press conference at Serena hotel Kampala this morning the family led by Dr. Muganga’s lead lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde, his young sister Hellen Batamuriza, Frank Gashumba and others said that, Muganga is a Ugandan born in Masaka and holds a Ugandan National ID (CM7603210KACCG) as well as a Canadian passport. They add that his mother is still alive residing in Uganda. She said what happened was a frackas of events and chaos which has left them confused and in doubt of his health.

“We are are requesting to see our person then we raise it from there, we just need to know his condition and where he is, for any case let him be presented to court of law". Batamuriza said. However the family asked government to come out and explain why Muganga was arrested in such a humiliating manner which contradicted with law.

Remember; In August 2021, special address on security matters, President Museveni warned security forces against brutalizing, torturing and manhandling suspects because it was soiling their good image and that of Uganda at large.

“Nobody should be in the uniform of the army when they don’t respect the people of Uganda. When you’re in the army don’t bark at people, don’t beat people or even criminals. Don’t beat children. Nobody should beat any Ugandan. Human rights of the people of Uganda were one of main reasons why NRM went to bush and fought for all those years,” Museveni noted.

“Why do you beat a prisoner, because you are too lazy to interrogate him. These are criminals, the torture was bad but the mistake they did was bigger, they killed our children but these confused people are damaging the good job done by the police and now they spoil it with the beating.”

Museveni further revealed he was going to sensitize the security forces against these abuses and those who will refuse to reform will be dealt with, with a firm hand. He also warned security forces against deporting foreign suspects without following.

The Mugangas lawyer Ssemakade said the government should make a formal Statement to the family, staff of Victoria University and the public.

Muganga’s long time friend and colleague in the Abavandimwe Council Frank Gashumba said they have been at different Detention facilities but they have failed to find Muganga.

She says they have hope in government and president Museveni and they hope he will be released without any physical or emotional torture.

Mr Frank Gashumba, Social activist and coordinator of Sisimuka Uganda organisation, who has worked with Dr Muganga on fighting for rights and dignity of Banyarwanda ethnic group in Uganda baptised Abavandimwe, said, Muganga cannot be accused of illegal stay in Uganda because he is “100% a Uganda; born and raised.”

“If the spokesperson of the UPDF can allege that he was brutally arrested on allegations that he had overstayed in Uganda, this madness is beyond!”

Gashumba added, If at all he committed a crime, why would military operatives beat, and humiliate him before his staff and students”.

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