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Wambuzi Sacks Isabalangira Over Reunion with Kyabazinga Gabula


|BY KYAGGWE TV | KALIRO| The Bulamogi hereditary chief Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi has sacked his chief Prince (Isabalangira) James Naita over his reunion with the Kyabazinga of Busoga, William Gabula Nadyope IV.

The sacked Isabalangira has been replaced by the former State Minister of Trade and Industries Nelson Gagawala Wambuzi.

Naita’s suspension was communicated in a letter dated June 10, 2024 and confirmed by the Bulamogi chiefdom leadership.

According to the suspension letter, Naita is accused of leading the delegation of royal members, clan leaders and political leaders from Kaliro to Kyabazinga Gabula’s Palace at Igenge in Jinja City on June 82024 for what was termed as reconciliation on behalf of the chiefdom without the top leadership’s knowledge and consent.

From left, Kihuluka, newly appointed Isabalangira, Nelson Gagawala and Mutono.

It was alleged that Prince Wambuzi learnt about the development from the media despite the fact that it was communicated that it had been officially done on his behalf, something which was refuted.

The Chiefdom’s Prime Minister, Samuel Mutono when contacted from his home in Kaliro Town Council he confirmed that the communication about Naita’s suspension and appointment of Gagawala is accurate.

“Naita shocked Prince Wambuzi and the entire Bulamogi chiefdom because they learnt about the visit and the purported memorandum of understanding signing with Kyabazinga Gabula on the latter’s behalf via the media. As a matter of fact, Wambuzi had not authorized him or anybody else to do so,” he clarified.

In the company of other chiefdom leaders, Mutono distanced himself and the chiefdom on what transpired between Isabalangira Naita and Kyabazinga Gabula, terming their development (memorandum of understanding) as null and void.

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He added that as a chiefdom, they have never reconciled with Kyabzinga Gabula over the Kyabazinga seat because the matter is still in the court of appeal which they still keenly follow and have hopes of the final verdict being in favour of Prince Wambuzi.

Mutono also asked some of the political leaders who were part of the delegation like the Kaliro district chairperson, Elijah Kagoda, former Kaliro member of Parliament, Margret Mbeiza to avoid engaging in cultural matters for purposes of unity in the area.

He also used the platform to announce the appointment of Prince Eric Kihuluka as the deputy Prime Minister, the position which has been vacant for some time.

James Naita, the suspended Isabalangira.

After being declared as the chief Prince, Gagawala welcomed the appointment and promised to steer the chiefdom to greater heights.

He asserted that he will prioritize promoting the promotion of tourism sites and conservation of the environment by championing the planting of trees in the area.

He also promised to revive the annual celebrations of Prince Wambuzi day which was popularly known as Zibondo day which used to unite and bring joy and entertainment among the subjects in the area.

Kihuluka also promised to work for the satisfaction of his appointing authority’s expectations without becoming hypocritical as the suspended leaders.

He asked residents in the chiefdom to unite and work together for the good of the chiefdom and the entire Busoga.

However, when contacted, Naita said that he doesn’t regret his actions and having lost the Isabalangira position.

He attributed his visit to the Kyabazinga Gabula as a source of unity and reconciliation since they had taken over 10 years with differences that made them stay as an island in between Busoga Kingdom yet they are also Basoga who need to move together in the same direction with the kingdom’s leader who is the Kyabazinga, William Gabula Nadyope IV.

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The development of sacking a top chiefdom chief over the reconciliation meeting has just stamped the existence of the long standing feud between Kyabazinga Gabula and Prince Wambuzi. The misunderstanding started in 2012 resulting from Prince Wambuzi contesting the election of Gabula as the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom.

The new Isabalangira, Gagawala also doubles as the NRM chairperson of Kaliro district. He is the former member of parliament for Bulamogi county.

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