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10 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health


10 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health

Health is the whole of mental and physical health.

Health is the whole of mental and physical health. Expert Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu from Anadolu Health Center stated that 5 out of every 10 diseases are caused by mental health-related diseases and said, “The leading diseases of these are depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder. “These diseases, which are left untreated or neglected, can lead to further loss of function, family problems, and physical or psychological harm to others.” Expert Psychologist Ezgi Dokuzlu explained 10 ways to protect mental health…

According to research, one in every four people struggles with a mental illness throughout their lives. The majority of people with poor mental health do not seek expert support due to social pressure and prejudices. There may be times when everyone encounters problems and gets overwhelmed from time to time. Even though we have loved ones around us or people we can get advice from, sometimes we may need to get help from a professional. Just as there is a cure for a wound in our body, there may be some wounds in our mental health and their treatment is also possible.

Psychological support should be sought in cases of lack of concentration and efficiency.

People do not need to have a specific problem to apply for psychological support. We can also get support to talk about emotions, thoughts and the behaviors they affect, to increase awareness, to discover ourselves and to make our lives more productive and of higher quality. However, psychological support is mostly received when the problems become insurmountable. Sometimes these symptoms bother the person, sometimes the symptoms are noticed by the environment and the person is referred to a specialist. When you feel that your quality of life is deteriorating or that you are having difficulty in concentration and efficiency, you should definitely seek expert support.

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Ezgi Dokuzlu said that when the negativities in mental health are neglected or pushed into the background and suppressed, more difficult and bigger psychological problems may be encountered after a while, and made 10 suggestions to protect mental health:

Accept the situation

Know yourself well, do not compare yourself with others and try to improve yourself. Our mental health and life do not always have to be good throughout our lives. Ups and downs are a must. The problems we may encounter can sometimes be instructive for us and sometimes can be a sign that we are not going on the right path. Instead of feeling defeated by all the negativities, it will be good to see and accept them as tools that improve us.

Reduce stress factors

A life completely free of stress is not possible. However, for a quality life and mental health, it is necessary to try to reduce stress factors as much as possible. There are many methods of coping with stress to keep your stress under control, but sometimes you may need to seek expert support when you cannot cope.

Try to stay in the moment with conscious awareness

Conscious awareness helps us bring our minds to the present moment. This state of awareness helps you focus on the current concrete problem and the situation you are in in order to cope with the problems in life.

Sleep regularly and eat healthy

Sleeping regularly, limiting caffeine intake, stopping eating at least 2 hours before bedtime, exercising regularly, and keeping the bedroom quiet, dark and slightly cool are simple sleep hygiene regulations. Healthy sleep is fundamental to psychological well-being.

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Try to exercise regularly

Having a regular exercise routine that doesn’t take long is one of the most effective ways to cope with stress and get away from the negativities during the day. According to research, people who exercise regularly have a less stressful life than those who do not.

Communicate with your loved ones

It is always good for us to feel that someone we love is with us in difficult situations. Sharing our feelings and thoughts and feeling understood has a healing power. Getting support and asking for help from our loved ones is of great importance in a person’s struggle with difficult life events.

Be open to innovations

Consider that every innovation may come with difficulties and conveniences, and try to be prepared for these situations. To deal with the challenges you will encounter, remember how you have dealt with similar challenges before.

Set realistic goals

Rather than setting difficult-to-achieve goals and getting disappointed, achieving small goals step by step or changing goals when necessary is good for hopelessness and pessimism.

Review expectations

Review again and again your expectations from life, your expectations from yourself, and your expectations from those around you. Change your expectations that are not suitable for the circumstances or conditions, that tire you, and are difficult to meet.

Be sure to take time for yourself

You should spend a few minutes every day for your hobbies and just stopping and resting at work. Taking small breaks will refresh your mind and soul and make you less tired. In the hustle and bustle of life, even closing your eyes and resting for 3-4 minutes a few times every day will help you relax.

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