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34 members of Kungfu assailants arrested- Police


Police have said in the past two months, 34 members of the Kungfu assailants terrorizing members of the public have been arrested.

The media is awash with CCTV footage in which Kungfu assailants were captured attacking and robbing members of the public.

However, according to police spokesperson, Fred Enanga intelligence led operations carried out  by the Crime Intelligence directorate and the Flying Squad have in the past few months targeted members of these gangs.

He for example said the members involved in the attack on a man along  Wavamunno road, the ones involved in the Ben Kiwanuka Street attack and another in which an Ethiopian who was travelling on a boda was hit with a paver have been arrested.

Police said most of the members of these gangs are former convicts who served their sentences or those released on bail  and juveniles below the age of 20 whom he said learnt the flying kick skills from heist movies and perfect them in local boxing gyms.

“This new wave is committed by young adults inspired by heist videos they keep watching in movies. Some have been disguising as boda boda riders and follow home attacks after identifying their victims.”

Enanga however assured members of the public and visitors to the country that Police is doing everything possible to bust all these gangs.

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