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4 common skin diseases on the feet


4 common skin diseases on the feet

Feet that remain airless for long hours in daily life and are neglected to care for cause many diseases. Many diseases reduce the quality of life of individuals, from foot fungi that cause itching and odor to ingrown nails, calluses that become evident due to hardening of the skin, and warts that appear in various parts of the foot. Dermatology Specialists of Anadolu Health Center gave important information about foot diseases that are common today and the treatment of these diseases.

Foot Fungus

Fungal infection, one of the most common diseases in the feet, usually starts between the toes and spreads to the sole of the foot. Sharing shoes or slippers in pools, saunas, Turkish baths, changing rooms and shower cabins is the most important factor affecting the formation of foot fungus. Local medications can be used as treatment in the early stages of the disease. However, in the later stages, various treatments should be applied under the supervision of a specialist to prevent infection of the toenails and to prevent the fungus from recurring.


Calluses, which occur due to many factors ranging from choosing the wrong shoe to walking around barefoot, from the pressure and friction the foot is exposed to during the day, cause the foot skin to harden and thicken. For calluses, which can be seen not only on the skin but also between the toes, regular moisturizers or nourishing body oils should be used after bathing. In the later stages of callus, a dermatological treatment must be applied.

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Ingrown Nail

Ingrown nails, which distort the shape of the foot and cause severe pain, are removed without requiring surgical intervention. With the wire system, there is no need to surgically remove the nail and the nail is prevented from ingrowing again. Those who have ingrown toenails should be careful when choosing shoes, and care should be taken to choose models that are suitable for the foot structure and will not put pressure on the foot.

Viral Warts

Another infection seen on the feet is warts, which are transmitted through direct contact. Wart, or verruca as it is medically known, is a common condition caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). It is transmitted by walking barefoot in summer and through common areas and objects. If the wart is left untreated, it can spread. It is appropriate to diagnose it at an early stage and start dermatological treatment. In cases where there is no response to the medications to be applied, liquid nitrogen freezing or electrocautery burning techniques called cryotherapy can be used.


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