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50 Cent Advocates for Fair Compensation in Entertainment Industry


50 Cent is one of the most active celebrities on Instagram he uses the platform for a variety of different purposes often he’s flexing his own achievements and Status other times he’s commenting on the social and political issues of the day for much of the second half of last

Year he was blasting Diddy almost daily with a variety of posts taking aim at the rap mogile new series of law suits but he also occasionally pulls back the curtain on the music film and TV industry to try and identify when he sees Injustice that was the case

Recently when 50 shared a clip of Terrence Howard in the video Howard is explaining how little money he made off of Hustle and Flow because of the way Paramount structured his contract he revealed that he’s had to go the legal route to try and get the money they owe

Him in the caption 50 reacts to the video this hurt my stomach to hear at that an Howard say this fbckm face with raised eyebrow I need the best actors and I’m going to pay them at Terra defense in you cool with a THL marriage blig ask her she got a big

Ficking bag money bag GG vertical traffic light G re n l g HT g n g his caption begins 50 Cent talks about Terren Howard video 50 Cent will serve as a coach in the upcoming NBA Celebrity All-Star game he and Shannon sharp will Coach one team against Lil Wayne and

Steven A Smith coaching the other though the game is still days away there’s already already been plenty of trash talking 50 and Wayne in particular have been making big promises about their teams and their coaching ability though it all seems to be pretty friendly and

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In good faith what do you think of 50 cents thoughts on how little Terren Howard made from Hustle and Flow do you think 50 is serious about paying his actors what they deserve to make let us know in the comment section below

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