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50 Cent and Lil Wayne to Assist Coaches at NBA Celebrity Game During All Star Weekend


50 Cent and Lil Wayne will serve as assistant coaches during the upcoming Celebrity Game during All-Star Weekend according to an NBA announcement the leag revealed on Wednesday February 7th that the gunit star will help Shannon sharp and Wheezy will assist coach Steven A Smith the game is set for Friday February 16th at

700 p.m. Eastern Standard Time airing exclusively on ESPN 50 will be joined on the club Shay hosts coaching staff by pton Manning their team consists of annual daa kaisit Connor Daly Walker Hayes Quincy Isaiah juel Lloyd Micah Parsons Lily Singh sir and Dylan Wong the Young Money spitter

Will call plays alongside WNBA star a Wilson and head coach Steven A Smith Their roster includes Adam Blackstone Natasha Cloud Jennifer Hudson Tristan Jass AJ mwami Oni meta World Peace Jack Ryan CJ stoud and John Marco tambury the Inda Club MC took to Instagram to share the news writing All-Star game I’m

Coaching you know my team is going to win at Lil taneki is probably going to get high and not show up LOL the two rappers aren’t the only Stars set to participate in the All-Star Weekend festivities Jennifer Hudson who will be playing in the Celebrity Game will also perform at halftime of the

73rd All-Star game on February 18th babya face and Charlotte cardan will sing the US and Canadian national anthems ahead of the All-Star Game Tay will tip off the NBA crossover concert series taking place at the Mitchel OB UL Courtside concert Wheezy is also set to perform ahead of the NBA All-Star game

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On Sunday 50 Cent is no stranger to NBA affiliations late last month the mul continued his NBA takeover when his sire Spirits Company formed a partnership with the Orlando Magic the team announced a multi-year partnership with 50 and his company to make sire the official Spirit of the

Team the magic are thrilled to team up with sire spirits and we welcome them to our partnership family said magic senior vice president of global Partnerships JT mcwalters as two companies that are committed to Excellence we look forward to Growing this partnership and connecting both of our Brands and

Support of our local community the magic became the fifth NBA franchise to partner with sire following similar deals with the Minnesota Timberwolves Indiana Pacers Sacramento Kings and Houston Rock

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