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50 Cent Applauds 21 Savage, Declares His Latest Song as the Hardest Right Now


50 Cent has praised 21 Savage for having the hardest song out right now the Atlanta viol London rapper recently credited 50 as an inspiration for his music career during an appearance on Shannon Sharp’s Club sh Shay podcast 50 Cent was 1,000% and inspiration 21 said I looked up to him

Growing up cuz he told his story more than a lot of other artists he had a movie and all type of I knew his story a little more I was inspired by his story 50 returned the favor on Instagram on Wednesday January 31st by showing love to the

Slaughter gang leaders latest album American Dream he got the hardest sh tea out right now track five sneaky stop playing four Ninja Emoji start booming sht he wrote 21 replied in the comments section with a saluting face emoji 21 Savage previously sampled 50 cents classic hit many men wish death on his

Joint track with Metro boomman which was also titled many men after the song’s release in 2020 and after pop smoke also sampled the track that same year 50 talked about how influential his getrich or die try and Anthem was yeah because the young artists doing it over they

Made it that he said in an interview with Spotify it’s because they feel the same way you can’t make a person decide to write a song creatively it’s how I feel right now the energy the tones of what’s going on with them match the record despite bigging up how influential the track was

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50y recently admitted that many men wish death was his least favorite track off his seminal debut album get rich or die trying in a chat with the Rebecca Jed show the gun at Mogul said many men was my least favorite at that point because musically we was in the boom bap phase

We was in that hard-hitting intensity the energy on the records and it’s the slowest song on get get rich or die trying and it’s now the tempo that the artists are rapping to so the fast tempo hard-hitting beats that was that era that time period and the whole album had

It the song’s producer six figga later responded to 50 cents comments and had a different view in my humble opinion that was the point he told TMZ if you got a track like that along with the other tracks that Dr Dre did then it’s not going to sound the same

Because I’m not Dr Dre also when it was done it was a different frame of mind a different way of thinking so when you’re trying to blend those two things together I can

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