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50 Cent Expresses Displeasure Over California Offering Health Insurance to Undocumented Immigrants


50 Cent is less than unenthusiastic about the news that California is now the first state in the country to offer health insurance to all illegal immigrants starting this year 750k adults between the ages of 26 and 49 years old are now eligible for medical benefits in the state according to KCRA

Of course as long as they meet the same requirements in place for Citizens which include residents in California and income under a certain amount reacting to the news in an Instagram post post on Wednesday January 3rd 50 wrote I don’t understand this this it going to cost $2.6 billion for

Taxpayers they don’t even give veterans health insurance at a melberg call my phone now help me understand this [ __ ] WTF one person in the comments replied but if they’re illegal most of them can’t work fifth unless they have received their Asylum seeking credentials so if they’re going to be

Here regardless Minds well be healthy do understand the rich are rich because of the money spent by the poor not the rich another said so it’s okay for them to clean your homes hotels and make your food but not okay for them to be healthy while doing it Healthcare should be a

Human right period 50 cents certainly has bigger issues to focus on at the moment as he recently lost his bid to have a lawsuit dismissed that accuses him of hiring a Hitman to kill former drug lord Cory ghost Holland according to court documents obtained by all hip hop judge Analisa Torres rejected the

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Rapper’s motion to have the lawsuit dismissed Before Christmas on December 19th Holland filed a $1 billion lawsuit in 2022 alleging that 50 stole the idea for his hit series power from him and attempted to have him killed Holland also sued power Creator Courtney Kemp and alleges that he was friends with her

Father and over 200 scenes from the show are based on his life Holland has also accused 50 Cent of attempting to intimidate him and have him killed in the filing earlier this year Holland claimed it’s 50 cents abilities to hire a hitman due to a $150 million contract

He secured through star/ Lionsgate that have created the fear and constant anxiety he added the Hitman 50 Cent hired can kill me and my family at any time and anywhere once they are paid so rather 50 Cent is in New York or Michigan or anywhere in America or

Overseas once he pays the homies too do what they do best quoting the defendant from the radio interview the job can get done at any point after that he also criticized 50 social media trolling he callously targets people on social media for one purpose their humiliation and

His gain this is what he did to DJ colled Shena Tomkins Megan the stallion and countless others he thought I was going to be his latest victim but I fought back it’s the only way you can deal with a bully 50 Cent real name Curtis Jackson has denied the claims

Within the lawsuit and through his lawyer called it an abuse of the judicial

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