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50 Cent Offers Support To Terrence Howard In Lawsuit Against CAA – The Hoima Post –


50 Cent has extended a helping hand to Terrence Howard amid Howard’s legal battle with talent agency giant CAA. On social media, 50 Cent expressed his willingness to assist Howard in recovering the money he believes was withheld from him. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur emphasized his commitment to addressing the matter promptly, urging Howard to reach out.

The legal dispute revolves around Howard’s allegations of a failure of fiduciary duty by CAA. According to Howard’s lawsuit, CAA prioritized its financial interests through “packaging” deals rather than serving the best interests of the client. Furthermore, Howard criticized the pay disparity between himself and other CAA talent, pointing out that his earnings of $325K per episode on Empire were considerably less than those of white CAA talent, such as Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey, who reportedly earned over $500K per episode for Mad Men and House of Cards, respectively.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent is facing requests for roles in his popular show, Power. Kai Cenat, recounting a recent encounter at a Knicks-Bucks game, shared his desire to be a part of the blockbuster series. Cenat detailed the interaction where 50 Cent asked him to take a picture with his son and expressed his interest in being on Power. Cenat, gaining recognition throughout the year, emphasized his aspiration to secure a role on the show.

In an unrelated event, Cenat received a Christmas present from Ice Spice, a chia pet branded with Spice’s image. While Cenat was excited about the gift, he humorously noted that the chia pet did not resemble Spice as much as expected. Despite the confusion, Cenat expressed gratitude for receiving a gift from the renowned rapper.

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