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6ix9ine Sparks Controversy Again with Lavish Gift for Yailin La Mas Viral


Hip hop is chalk full of tumultuous relationships that are beyond our comprehension of course the one that everyone knows about and is pulling their hair out over is cian rock and blue face they might be one of the most toxic combinations the genre has ever seen especially in recent memory on

Again off again Partnerships are not anything out of the ordinary but for some reason this one is worse than most another pairing rivaling them quite closely is 69 and Yin la spiral these two have had their unique issues for quite some time 69ine had to deal with

Some shots being thrown his way after Yen’s previous partner annual daa put out a 10-minute diss track he went after a lot of his Spanish-speaking contemporaries and one of them was 69 in addition the rainbow hair MC also took some low blows claiming she was jealous and was dealing with mental

Health issues after their recent split 69 cops a McLaren for Yin Lamas viral however recent video footage has people comparing 69 to krisan for constantly finding new ways to worm his way back into the picture DJ academics reuploaded a short clip of the gumo hitmaker gifting Yen a stunning McLaren

Sports car fans were quick to judge him calling tekashi he the male krisan Rock others also went after his partner saying things like them those BBL socks face with tears of joy face with tears of joy face with tears of joy there is no word that they are officially backed

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Together but it seems that is the case what are your thoughts on 69ine buying a new car for his girlfriend Yin Lama spiral is their relationship as messy as kisan rock and blue face why or why not do you think they are now back together

Did he make a mistake buying her such an expensive gift we would like

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