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A$AP Rocky’s New Puma Sneaker Ad Sparks Fan Outrage, Where’s the Album


ASAP Rocky has angered fans with a new sneaker advertisement for the Puma Monro shoe with many devotees wondering where is the album in The Surreal clip Flo says Around the Clock non-stop time after time just passing you by I need a little quick break it’s like when you

Get an idea stuck in your head it’s no escaping I want to kick back and relax no matter what I put on I can’t get this out my head it’s almost like it assume my every thought commenters were Furious hoping that the trailer which was released on Wednesday

February 7th was a signal that a new project was finally on the way one user wrote If bro don’t drop the album I’m changing my name to ASAP Rocky and doing it myself it’s time another added BR you cannot keep doing this to me I want my

album while fans were upset by the update other artists chimed in to support Rocky’s new role as a puma Ambassador flying Lotus commented I love this Tiara wack added cooker your old drug shared four fire emojis though the video isn’t an album announcement Rocky has been debuting new music in

2024 last month he previewed a collaboration with Westside gun during a performance overseas the Harlem rapper performed in Paris as part of lugala De pieces John’s a charity concert at the AA Arena during the orchestral concert Rocky performed an unreleased track that includes vocals from the Griselda rapper the song

Reportedly titled whiskey is produced by clam’s casino and also features Damon alurn according to genius if I come correct she might give me sex slash cuz I’m way too grown to flex SL way too way too grown to stress you slash I know how it feels SL wake up

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Over text makeup over sex slm her holla yes yes yes ASAP Rocky raps on the song Rocky’s girlfriend Rihanna was spotted watching his set from the crowd among the other names on the lug Gala de pieces John’s lineup were Fel Maroon 5 and Jay Balvin ASAP Rocky was spotted in

The studio with Westside gun and gorilla Stam in alurn in no

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