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Abel The Magician 🎩 2024


Hey guys uh I’m with the magician and he has told me he has something special stage is yours thank you Mr yeah so there is something small I want to share you guys I want to share with you something small it’s a form of a trick but

We all know that there is something which is going to happen it’s called African descent Summit which is going to be there in Toronto Toronto right 17th 20th July 17th yeah right to 20th July that’s what you just told me right now right yeah and I think I could do

Something small about it like to show to the people who are watching this you understand yeah so but before I start um Let me let me take out the Jokers you know the Jokers uh we have two jokers in a deck right yeah and let me first do something small yeah

You are going to select a card a what a card card yeah a random card M this ones we don’t need the Jers yeah I can sh the C like this right okay I want you to pick a card at just pick any a card

Pleas show it to the camera look at it show it to the camera I’m looking inside yeah this is the card you’ve seen the card yeah M okay make sure you don’t you see the card yes okay we see we see yes my assistant so no looked it’s looked okay

This is the card right yeah okay you can sign on the card cuz do you have a marker no no no I I know the card I know the card no write something on it okay hey I’m looking inside okay yeah done it’s done right yeah okay and


Uh I’m going to place this card somewhere m in the middle right uh I think that’s the card right yeah we can see it well right oh sorry can you push it inside he has pushed it right yeah now give me your hands put your hands here like this and like this

And the card is in the middle somewhere right yeah and every everyone has witnessed right you P it in the middle see so with a snap on my fingers I’m going to tell you I’m going to ask you on one thing top or bottom just saying top top yeah can I

Can I say middle or top I just say to top top bottom top so we eliminate the top right yeah so that means if we eliminate the top that you have chosen we are remaining with bottom right yeah so now what if I say your card is on the bottom

How same C it’s on the bottom let me see right okay okay if if if your card is on the bottom right yeah I think you can see it right M okay let me just do this it’s still hey guys uh I’m with the magician Abel it jumps all the way to the

Top right okay but then I’m going to do something else right I think you can see this card right it’s the one on top snap your fingers I want you to snap sh show him snapping your fingers you snap and when you snap like that the cut changes to blank hey like everything

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Disappears but then there is something I want to write on this card I want to write something on this card and I guess the viewers will see it later on uh let me first place this card here it’s the blank card right M okay I think

We can see the CR right yeah it’s the one which is blank right okay when I place it somewhere in the middle like this I push it snap it comes back to the to [Laughter] ah that like like the blank card when I press it see this time I want to write

Something on it right this is a blank card right here on top right I think we can see it right okay this time okay let me put it here like this and I place the marker here right yeah and there’s something that I want I want to

Do when I snap my finger snap can you pick a card just pick any card uh pleas even if I see it what was your card five it was a five yeah this is a five that you have chosen right watch watch slowly I’m going to shake it like this one

Two it comes to a blank and this is a normal blank card right and we all know that there is a what what did you tell me that there is uh African desent Summit what is the card that I put here it’s your card sign signed card right eight of diamond was

It was it it was a blank card yeah this is a blank card oh it’s a blank card yeah now there is something that is going to happen on in Toronto right Canada right so can can you give me like this and this is a blank right

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Yeah and when I snap my fingers did you feel anything you feel anything sexually emotionally and let me write something here like this on top yeah I’m writing something I think it looks weird right but if I get this what I’ve written then I place it on that blank

Card flip that card and show it to the camera oh my God African descent Summit 2024 Toronto Canada 17th 28th July supposed to be there 2024 be there or be nowhere from to

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