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Acne Treatment


Acne Treatment

Acne, or more commonly known as acne, is a disease of the pilosebaceous unit of the skin. The source of the problem is the excessive function of the oil-producing glands, which can sometimes occur during adolescence. This increase in function may be accompanied by systemic problems accompanied by unmet excess fat or hormonal abnormalities due to care of the skin with inappropriate products, and sometimes infectious agents may also be present in the picture. Acne (pimple) may appear in black or white colors, or it may appear as nodules or cysts. When acne is left untreated, dark spots may remain in the healing areas, or deep and treatment-resistant scars may be left after severe acne. In some cases, acne scars can shake people’s self-confidence and therefore negatively affect social life. There are different treatment alternatives that vary from person to person in the treatment of acne scars that may develop after acne. For an effective and successful treatment, it may be necessary to resort to combined treatment.


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