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Alliance For National Transformation Asks Parliament To Restore Presidential Terms


The Alliance For National Transformation (ANT) is calling for immediate constitutional amendments, which reduce the powers of Parliament and its speaker, and restore the terms of the president.

They say parliament has too much power which is one of the reasons for the country’s suffering.

There are currently more than 2 billion shs per day spent by parliamentary leaders, as well as other allowances, as well as MPs for various duties, while services in property for the common good is still cold.

ANT leaders say parliament has too many decision-making powers on various issues, leading to increased corruption, and diversion of funds without a hitch.

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At a press conference at the ANT headquarters in Bukoto, ANT Secretary General Winnie Kizza said if the constitution does not reduce the powers of parliament the country is still in crisis.

Kiiza said the presidential term limit also needs to be re-enacted with the president serving only two terms.

Winnie Kizza said the reason why people are going back to the public funds and being wasted without being touched, is because many agencies are not vigilant in their working practices.

ANT spokesperson Gerald Karuhanga also warned the Ugandan parliament to wake up and take action against the rampant land grabbing in the country, by senior government officials that if not stopped citizens will become emmomboze in their country.

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