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Anita Among Refuses to Resign As Speaker of Parilament Amid Corruption Accusations


Bukedea District woman MP, Annet Among has refused to resign as Speaker of Parilament despite some internet user’s demand due to accusations of corruption and abuse of office.

She made this revelation while addressing the Bukedea residents who gathered at Apopong Primary School for the ongoing National Resistance Movement ( NRM ) voter’s register Update on Saturday 16th March 2024.

She accused some predecessors of orchestrating a character assassination campaign against her and vowed to stand firm what she perceives as personal attacks.

That the latest attacks on her and her office were fuelled by the the LGBTQ+ community, stressing that their fights will not yield nothing as she vowed to leave no breathing space for the gay community in Uganda.

“Their fights will yield nothing .I want to tell you were still there. By the grace of God, those who think they are going to continue fighting us will be put to shame”, she partly said.

She further stressed that the those who want to outst her as a speaker, are not the one who elected as a member of Parilamennt that her voters and president Museveni who supported her still supports her.

“Those people who say that I should resign did not elect me as a member of Parilamennt. My voters are here and my President who supported me still supports me” Among summed.

Of recent ,Among and the institution she leads have come under attack on Social Media. This follows a flood of posts under #UgandaParilamentaryExhibition , citing abuse of travel allowances, corruption and outright chauvinism.

Who is Anita Among ?

Anita Annet Among (born 23 November 1973) is a Ugandan accountant, lawyer and politician who is the Speaker of the 11th Parliament of Uganda since 2022.

She also concurrently serves as the elected member of parliament for the Bukedea District Women Constituency, the same position she held in the 10th Parliament (2016–2021).

She was in perviously FDC party member before she joined the ruling NRM where she was voted as the Deputy Speaker of the 10th Parliament.

Anita Annet Among

She was named in the torture complaint against the Ugandan government that was submitted with the International Criminal Court.

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