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Artist Tyana Bax Releases New Song Confessing Deep Love for Zari’s Partner Shakib Cham


Israel-based Ugandan artist Tyana Bax has dropped a fresh track titled “Misana Tuku,” revealing her profound affection for Zari Hassan’s partner, Shakib Cham. In the song, she passionately urges him to consider a serious romantic relationship with her.

For the past month, Tyana Bax has been vocal on her social media, expressing her love for Shakib Cham, declaring her readiness to be his second wife. She describes him as a symbol of male elegance and insists she cannot afford to miss out on such a remarkable man. Now, she has poured all her emotions into the new song “Misana Tuku” to convey her feelings directly.

Tyana Bax asserts that she is unafraid of judgment, believing it is not a crime to express her heart’s desires openly.

The R&B track “Misana Tuku,” released on Monday, has quickly gained popularity across the country’s airwaves, social media platforms, and social scenes. While some question why Tyana is pushing for the relationship, others applaud her courage for making the bold move.

Part of the song’s lyrics include, “There’s no competition, I’m ready for the mission, to love meets a mission, facing opposition, oh, I want to be by your side, I want to win you over, let me take you to paradise…”

Tyana Bax has a repertoire of other singles, including “The Nyongera,” “Omukuto,” “Oliwabula,” “Irrigate,” “Gukuba,” and “Owooma.”


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