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Bebe Cool in Nigeria to Record A 15 – Track Album With Top producers and Songwriters


Renowned Ugandan dancehall artist Bebe has flown to Lagos- Nigeria to record his anticipated 15 – track album dubbed “Break The Chains” with some Africa’s top music producers and Songwriters.

Speaking in his recent interview with a Nigerian YouTuber , the “Kabulengane” hit maker, who left the country few days ago revealed that he is currently in Nigeria working on his 15- track masterpiece ,with nine tracks already completed and six more in the works.

Accompanied by his dedicated team, including producer and songwriter Ronnie, manager Bushingtone, and producer Louisa, Bebe Cool’s journey to Nigeria has not only ignited his creative spark but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and unity among African creatives.

In a statement, Bebe Cool emphasized the importance of breaking down barriers and fostering cooperation within the African music industry. “I named my album ‘Break The Chains’ to signify that together, we can overcome any obstacle,” he declared.
“African artists don’t have to compete against each other; instead, by working together, we can achieve greater success and recognition.”

He further disclosed that it was producer Bushington who convinced him to fly to Lagos and record with Nigerian people.

Bebe Cool – Jose Chameleone

Bebe Cool is yet to come out to reveal the official release dates for his new album and we shall keep posted once he does


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