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Beyoncé Confirms Release of Country Album Renaissance, Act II with Surprise Singles


Beyonce has confirmed the long-held fan theory that the follow-up to her massive 2022 release Renaissance act I will be a country album with the surprise release of two new singles the mega star announced the arrival of Renaissance act two in a multi-layered reveal that started with a new Super Bowl ad for

Verizon in it Beyonce and the network now iconic can you hear me now tech try a number of different schemes to see if Queen Bay can break the internet once again the commercial ends with Beyonce blasting off to space as a fictional news anchor announces her plans to

Deliver the first live performance from space in the last few seconds of the ad ba says okay they ready drop the new music the surprise Verizon ad had the intended effect of driving fans to her socials as they looked for additional hints as to how to access Beyonce’s

Latest offering and moments after the ad premiered she delivered with a Texas themed trailer for the new project which is set to arrive on March 29th 30 minutes after sharing the trailer she returned to Instagram to announce the release of two new singles Texas hold M and 16

Carriages the artwork for the two singles seems to continue the silver theme she started with the first Renaissance album the surprise drop comes after fans began speculating that Beyonce was hinting at a country release though they were mostly piecing together crumbs they’ve cited things like Bay’s country inspired look at the 2024 Grammy

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Awards as well a lyric on her 2019 single black parade where she sings I’m going back to the South where my roots ain’t watered down as potential proof that act 2 would be a country LP one thing that has been confirmed in the past is the original Renaissance album

Was meant to start a Trilogy in November New York Times Reporter Kyle Buchanan wrote in a since deleted tweet that act 2 would be an acoustic album and that act three would be a collaboration with Jay-Z this was neither confirmed nor denied from Bay camp check out both an

Extended version of the Verizon ad titled can’t be broke the Renaissance act two trailer and the two new singles Bel

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