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Beyoncé’s Producer Teases Collaboration with Taylor Swift on Upcoming Renaissance Act II Album


Hello guys welcome to the YouTube channel my name is tin please subscribe to this channel for the latest when it comes to the world of entertainment today we’re talking about be’s producer who has all talked about the collaboration with Tyler Swift on the upcoming Reen Act 2 album the

Musical with anticipation of be’s producer kilab who dropped hints about the potential collaboration with Tyler Swift on Queens be highly anticipated Reen Act 2 the news of this potential collaboration emerged during the surprise announcement of the upcoming project at Super Bowl alongside the announcement beyon treated fund to two

New singles infused with country music Vibes in a conversation with TMZ killab shed light on the awaited album uh when asked about the possibility of a collaboration with a country artist widely believed to be ter Swift the producer talized response you’re going to have to wait and see adding let’s

Just see she is on the approach of shocking the world let your imagination decide what that means indeed beyon say sent shock wav through the music industry on Sunday night with announcement of her new album through a Super Bowl commercial for Horizon the commercial featuring beyonc ambitious attempt to break the internet culminated

Into the Declaration okay they ready drop the new music following the ad the former Destiny’s Child Star unveiled a Texas theme trailer the reen act to setting the stage for its release on March 29th additionally she revealed the first two singles from the album Texas holdon and 16 carriages showcasing

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Artwork that continues the silver theme of the first Reen album infused with a country twist however Beyonce’s V into the country G gener hasn’t been without controversies and oklah best radio station initially refused to play her new trucks prompting an online backlash with some labeling the move as racist

Following the outcry the station added the songs to its rotation and issued a statement clarifying The Stance please leave a comment subscribe share the love

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    Which one of these two terrible women is the most annoying? Let me know your thoughts? Taylor? Beyonce?

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