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Bishop Kisekka Reaches Out to Canon Kasana Hold Reconciliation Meeting


The Anglican Bishop of Luweero Diocese, Wilson Kisekka and Reverend Canon Godfrey Kasana Ssemakula have expressed their desire to reconcile and diffuse the ongoing tension within the diocese.

In March of this year, Rt. Rev. Wilson Kisekka was consecrated and enthroned as the fourth bishop of Luweero Diocese after the House of Bishops nullified the election of Canon Kasana, citing reports that he had sired children outside the wedlock.

Despite this decision, a section of Christians, particularly from Bamunanika County, have rejected the House of Bishops’ decision and continue to support Kasana as their preferred Bishop. On Sunday, a group of Christians, led by Stephen Mutebi and Erastus Kibirango, the Luweero district chairperson, donated a car to Rev. Canon Kasana to support his pastoral work.

Mutebi explained that they decided to donate the car to Kasana after he lost the vehicle he was supposed to receive following his consecration, which was nullified by the church. Erastus Kibirango emphasized that Kasana remains beloved by many Christians in the diocese.

The donation, he noted, signifies their readiness to support his ministry despite the House of Bishops’ decision. He also mentioned that Bishop Kisekka had recently reached out to Kasana for dialogue, a positive step towards reconciliation.

Rev Kasana acknowledged the pain caused by the House of Bishops’ decision to nullify his election but expressed his commitment to promoting peace and unity within the church. He welcomed the car donation and promised to use it for his pastoral duties.

Alhajji Abdul Nadduli, the Senior Presidential Advisor, stressed the importance of reconciling with Kasana to maintain unity among the Christians of Luweero Diocese. Nadduli argued that the church faces a challenging task in garnering support for the new bishop, elected from outside the diocese, unless reconciliation with Kasana, a native, is achieved.

The fate of Rev. Kasana remains uncertain as the church has not yet decided whether to defrock or redeploy him.

Recently, Bishop Kisekka held a private meeting with Rev. Kasana at Sekamuli Church of Uganda, urging him to reconcile with the church to ease tensions. During this meeting, Kisekka promised to help Kasana secure another deployment after losing the bishop seat.

Following the meeting, Kasana has ceased referring to himself as the legitimate bishop of the diocese. He however continues to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Governors for Luweero Diocese Guest House and Luweero Secondary School, among other positions within the diocese.

*Source – URN*


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