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Blueface Rejects Soulja Boy’s $1,000 Peace Offering, Insists on Settling Beef with a Fight


Blueface isn’t taking soldja boy up on his offer to put their beef to rest amid his jail stint instead the rapper took to Instagram Sunday to reject his $1,000 offer and confirm he still wants to fight Soulja made the proposal earlier in the day after admitting he regretted his previous trolling of the

Situation I still need that fade blueface said in a video posted on his Instagram story Soulja had joked that he’d offer $2,000 to any inmate who would sexually assault blueface in jail but quickly walked the comments back blueface attends Hollywood unlocks impact Awards Soulja made his offer to

End the beef after blueface turned himself in on a probation violation earlier this month I know what it feel like to be locked down in a jail cell he said earlier this weekend you don’t know what’s going on on the outside ain’t nobody F asteris kin with you ain’t

Nobody putting money on your books I got $1,000 whoever knows somebody blueface people somebody y’all hit me up I’m going to put $1,000 on that n asterisk asterisk asteris a books when blueface first turned himself in Soulja had said he still wanted to fight him but he

Didn’t want to see him end up behind bars he remarked that he wouldn’t wish a prison cell on his worst enemy we don’t wish jail on nobody he said I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy that was so lame bro let that n asterisk asterisk asteris out so we can

Pow bow pow blueface still wants to fight Soulja Boy Lang equals and blueface accepted Soulja Boy’s apology but said he still needs that fade no jumper at no jumper January 21st 2024 in addition to the two feuding on social media soldier’s baby mother is also filing a lawsuit against Blue face for

Defamation the suit stems from the rapper saying they had sex the day before her and Soulja Boy’s baby shower back in 2022 be on the lookout for further updates on Soulja Boy and blue

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