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Bobi Wine is wrong on wearing military attire


By Sam Orikunda

The president of NUP has deliberately continued to mislead the young people sometimes leading them into prison while others lose their lives.

I watched in the news on Thursday evening with awe when he encouraged his followers and supporters to continue wearing military uniforms.

In his view, the councilor from Masaka who went to see the President at state house with full NUP attire wasn’t questioned and therefore that gives him backing that wearing military uniform was accepted.

Images of youth wearing UPDF ranks have been circulating on Internet, this is added on singing the NRA liberation songs during their NUP meetings.

The NUP party leaders have been daring the armed forces from the time of its inception. I think admiring the army isn’t bad however there are procedures one must follow to join the national army and be at liberty to enjoy all those privileges like wearing military uniform etc.

I don’t think there’s any country in the world that will just watch on when its national army is being disrespected.

If the young people that Bobi Wine leads are interested in joining the army, they should be guided on the procedure of which they can follow to get what they want.

The UPDF uniform however isn’t for posing and creating impressions. It is for sacrifice and patriotism. It is for going on war front to defend Uganda and it’s interests.

We’ve so many young people languishing in prisons some of whom the new minister of youth was pleading to be released, the crimes they’ve committed are not crimes which they planned as individuals and went on to commit them, they were misled by their leaders who are now enjoying life outside prison.

When you’re a political candidate or leader there’s a huge group of people that you command.

These people always follow your instructions and when they’ve genuine support they obey all the instructions you give to them.

This means that if a candidate wakes up and encourages his people to attack a rival camp it will be done and that’s how we usually have blood shed during campaigns and elections because some candidates turn campaigns into real war especially when they sense defeat.

Bobi Wine publicly advised his followers to keep wearing military uniform, it appears he enjoys seeing his supporters being arrested and charged in court, no wonder he continues doing his activities normally as if nothing has happened, when his followers are in prison and their families suffering.

Government leaders have always advised the NUP supporters and followers that their leader is misleading them and continuously taking advantage of their radicalism to achieve his selfish interests.

Some people have understood and thereby disembarking, while others think that the government is playing politics and stopping them from following what they love.

However, a person whose vision is to lead you into government cannot do things that lead you into prison or losing your life. In any case he will be trying hard to make all of you safer so that you succeed together and enjoy fruits of your struggle.

Obviously death happens but it shouldn’t be initiated by leaders it should happen when it’s unavoidable and unplanned.

How many young people should die and how many youth should be in prison before NUP and it’s leaders start giving the right information to it’s followers? I thought the numbers should have shown the ones left that playing with one’s life is uncalled for.

What does wearing military attire add on the strength of the NUP party? Does it win them any support from the public or it simply reduces because it imparts fear to those who would even want to join.

Recently, at the burial in Masaka the Kyagulanyi Bodyguards attacked and beat up journalists, their cameras were damaged and they attained injuries.

Later a statement was released by NUP rubbishing the allegations and saying that the journalists who were complaining are politically motivated and that the allegations were cooked up.

However the journalists still insist that they were mistreated by Bobi Wine’s people. Ugandans have been asking questions, that if NUP can beat up journalists before getting into power what will happen when they’re finally in power? what will happen when Kyagulanyi and his people get military by their side and all the guns?

If an allegation of beating up journalists can be handled that way, What then do we say about the allegations of police brutality against NUP supporters that they’ve always insinuated in the eyes of the international media?

It appears that they’ve forgotten that the media has been crucial in spreading the political propaganda that they always cook to put their agenda forward.

Some journalists have sacrificed their career for the NUP party and that’s why we’ve several of them chaced out of their places of work because they couldn’t afford impartiality.

All this couldn’t be respected by Kyagulanyi and his group, they instead decided to beat up the innocent journalist who shown up for one thing to feed the public with information, and after mistreating them, the NUP party has no kind words to any of them not even apologies.

The writer is a deputy RDC Sheema District

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