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Bobi Wine Sets the Record Straight: Truth Behind the Bulletproof Car and Alleged Parliamentary Payment


PHOTO – X/Bobi Wine

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Bobi Wine has provided a detailed clarification regarding two specific allegations aimed at tarnishing his reputation in response to accusations circulating among some supporters of the ‘regime’:

Firstly, regarding the tax issue concerning his bulletproof vehicle, Bobi Wine explains that the vehicle was imported legally and underwent all necessary legal processes. Initially registered under another individual’s name to avoid potential complications, the vehicle was cleared by the Directorate of Interpol in Kololo and later inspected by the police forensics department in Naguru, both of which gave their approval. Subsequently, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) conducted an independent verification and assessed the relevant tax, which Bobi Wine promptly paid in full.

Despite months of no objection from regime authorities, complications arose when the vehicle was transferred into Bobi Wine’s name. Allegations were made regarding the vehicle’s valuation and clearance procedures, leading to demands for its return. Moreover, individuals involved in the initial clearance process faced repercussions, including dismissals and even detainment, highlighting potential political motivations behind the ordeal. Bobi Wine pursued legal action against the URA, contesting the inflated tax claim, and eventually, the vehicle was returned after a prolonged period of impoundment.

Secondly, addressing the claim of receiving a gratuity payment of 370 million shillings upon leaving Parliament, Bobi Wine refutes the allegation. He clarifies that the only payment received post Parliament was from the mandatory savings scheme established by the Parliamentary Pensions Act, 2006. This scheme, akin to NSSF for other sectors, deducts 15% of MPs’ salaries monthly, with a corresponding government contribution. The amount received is determined by the duration of service in Parliament, thus explaining the discrepancy between his payment and that of other MPs.

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Bobi Wine emphasizes the mandatory nature of this payment, enshrined in law and applicable to all Members of Parliament. He underscores the need to reject false narratives and propaganda aimed at diverting attention from genuine issues. Through this clarification, Bobi Wine seeks to dispel misinformation and uphold transparency in public discourse.

Below is his full statement:

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