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Bow Wow Opens Up About Lean Addiction Hospitalization, I Was Losing My Mind


Bwell has been reflecting on his hospitalization after suffering effects from being addicted to lean speaking to the art of dialogue the rapper and actor discussed the health issues he suffered as a result of his drug habit I was sipping lean he said I was sipping so

Much syrup I said this after MC Miller died I spoke on this I was drinking that like crazy if you go back and watch the road to Platinum Series on bet you you’ll see so many white styrofoam cups I was losing my mind that lean had me up I was just

Always irritated hhdx YouTube video player play button YouTube video bwow reflects on being hospitalized due to lean addiction I was losing my mind bwell went on to describe the severity of his addiction which saw him drinking lean everywhere he went to the point that fellow sipper Lil Wayne gave him a

Baby bottle full of the substance he he also revealed the nature of his hospitalization we were on our tour I was co-headlining with Chris Brown and the opening night was in Cincinnati and when I got off stage I collapsed I went straight to Cincinnati University Hospital my stomach was so up I

Ended up going back home to Atlanta after the first show I’m sitting in the hospital not knowing what the going on and I get back home and the gets worse I’m throwing up I’m shivering in the bed I’m sweating I’m going through it I didn’t know I was having

Withdrawals that’s how much lean I was consuming he added I had to get right man God Rest her soul I had the best publicist ever Patty Webster she put out a press release that said I dropped out of the tour for dehydration wasn’t no dehydration I was

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up off lean that’s just good PR we didn’t want the world to know that 18 19-year-old ba was heavy on the drink the like Mike star previously discussed his addiction problems after the death of MC Miller in 2018 to the youth stop with these dumbass drugs I’m going to let something

Out when me and amarian worked on face album I was high off lean every day he admitted when y’all saw me on BET going off on Tory I was high off lean my attitude everything changed he told fans kick that be a good son or daughter be the best you I

Must start being more vocal we got to save the youth from going out early drug free is the way to be smarten up tighten up out here we can’t lose no more of you not one I love all

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