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Bruno Mars Launches The Pinky Ring Lounge in Las Vegas with Star Studded Bash


Bruno Mars celebrated the grand opening of his Las Vegas Lounge the pinky ring with a star studded party during Super Bowl weekend going down on Saturday February 10th just 2 days ahead of the spot’s official opening to the public Bruno partied with the likes of Janelle Monae Lady Gaga Victoria Monae baby face

Tay kji Tran lucky day and more at the venue located inside bagio Resort and Casino the famed singer also hit the stage with his group The Hooligans for a live performance and the band will continue performing nightly for the first two weeks of the opening for a press release guests will enjoy Bruno’s

Homage to the entertainers who helped shape Las Vegas and immerse themselves in his vision of Timeless Glamour and remarkable Artistry every element of the experience from the specialty bar program and live entertainment has been curated by the global Superstar as a place for people to get lost in a good time they will

Remember forever Nick Cannon recently gave Bruno Mars’s prop as one of his favorite performers though he caught the ey of Beyonce fans in the process because he argued that Bruno had more hits than her the Wild and out host made the controversial statement during an episode of his daily Canon radio show on

Amazon amp last spring with the debate being sparked by Canon praising Mars live performances have you ever seen Bruno perform live he asked his co-hosts fire cuz he got his whole crew on stage with him and theyd be doing the little dances if feels very moris Day

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And The Time Is I could probably afford those tickets Mason muset replied before bringing up the sky high prices for Beyonce and Taylor Swift’s respective tours see no offense but I would rather go to a Bruno Mars Show than a Beyonce or a Taylor Swift show Canon then

Declared which was met with bemusement from his colleagues you out your mind Courtney B bledo remarked while rolling her eyes who got more hits Canon asked to which bledo replied with zero hesitation Anda Beyonce what you talking about she then reeled off some of Ba’s solo hits including Single Ladies Drunk in Love

And crazy in love as well as Destiny’s Child Classics like bills bills bills and say my name feeling the heat Nick clarified that he’s a Beyonce fan but doubled down on his hot take by saying I still believe Bruno Mars actually has more hit records when challenged to name

Them however Canon seemingly struggled you’re putting me on the spot he said while trying to buy himself more time it’s

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