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Buganda Minister Robert Serwanga Ssaalongo Appeals to Parents to Take Their Children to School to Secure Their Future


Minisita Robert Serwanga Ssaalongo asabye Abazadde okutwala Abaana baabwe mu masomero agasobola okutumbula ebitone byabwe.
PHOTO — X/Buganda Kingdom

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Minister Robert Serwanga Ssaalongo has urged parents to ensure their children attend school regularly to guarantee a bright future. This plea comes in light of recent events at Kawanda Secondary School, where incidents of truancy have been reported.

The call for parental involvement stems from the ongoing efforts to address challenges in the education sector, particularly concerning student attendance and academic performance. Kawanda Secondary School, known for its historic contributions to the development of education in Buganda, has faced disruptions due to absenteeism.

In recent sports fixtures, the following results were recorded:

  • Kampala Grammar Junior School 1:0 Muteesa I Junior School
  • Kawanda Secondary School 0:0 Janan Schools

In the ongoing academic competitions:

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  • Kawanda Secondary School 29:08 St. Matia Mulumba

These events underscore the importance of consistent parental support and engagement in their children’s education. Minister Ssaalongo emphasizes that by prioritizing education and ensuring regular school attendance, parents play a crucial role in shaping the future of their children and contributing to the nation’s development.

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