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Bukedea Is A State Within A State Governed By Anita Annet Among.


“Bukedea is a state within a state governed by Anita Annet Among” said the resident of Bukedea.

The residents of Bukedea district while speaking to TV10 Gano mazima cameras said that every decision taken within the region is under the permission of the speaker.

The district is faced with high levels of crimes like land grabbing , torture and murder.

The most challenge in the district is land grabbing where people are dislocated from their land without any compensation and failure to abide by the order, you are forcefully dislocated or killed.

The speakers mission is executed by the Residential  District Commission [RDC] Wilberforce Tukei and the District Police Commander Charles Okoto.

Anybody who fails to abide by the rules and laws is taken to prison where he/she is poisoned to death.

Due to the current sanctions placed on the speaker, the H.E  Yoweria Museveni  ordered the IGG to investigate whether the speaker owns  properties in the UK and U.S.A.

The speaker has on many occasions caught saying that’’ I don’t have even a pussy cat outside Uganda’’.

She has also added that even though they ban her from those countries, she still has a free visa to  Bukedea.

The citizens in the eastern region especially  Bukedea  said that they were happy to hear that the president ordered the IGG to investigate  on the speaker, with hopes that their issues will also be dealt with.

Bukedea district is found in the eastern part of the country Uganda and Hon. Anita Annet Among is the the female member of Bukedea  in the parliament.


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