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Cam'Ron Drops Reflective Freestyle To Kick Off Season 3 Of “It Is What It Is” Podcast – The Hoima Post –


In a remarkable journey from an idea to a massive hit, Cam’Ron and Ma$e’s podcast, “It Is What It Is,” has rapidly grown into a significant success in less than a year. Recently, the duo signed a substantial media deal for future seasons, and now, they’ve launched season 3 with an increased budget, presenting an even more impressive show than before. To mark the occasion, Cam’Ron, drawing on his rap roots, celebrated the beginning of season 3 with a freestyle that delves into reflection and narrates his path to becoming a high-profile podcast host.

During the hiatus between podcast seasons, Cam’Ron engaged in discussions about current pop culture events, including his commentary on Kanye West. In an interview with The Art Of Dialogue, he asserted that Kanye’s public antics are a deliberate act, emphasizing that West appears completely normal in person. This viewpoint sparked debates on the authenticity of Kanye’s public behavior.

On a lighter note, Cam’Ron’s iconic pink Range Rover, featured prominently in some of his most iconic music videos, was recently sold online. After being auctioned on eBay, it changed hands for $16k, likely due to the mileage it has accumulated over the years.

In a more personal anecdote, Cam’Ron shared a story about shooting his shot with Halle Berry before achieving fame. Despite the attempt not leading to success, Cam’Ron reflects on the experience with understanding and good spirits.

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