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Cam’ron Praises Drake as the Modern Day MJ


Drake is easily one of Cameron’s favorite MC’s of the Contemporary era something that he will probably never stop defending moreover the Dipset MC recently covered GQ and made some interesting remarks about the 69 God during his talk with the outlet when it’s somebody of Drake’s magnitude you ought to show love he

Explained a lot of people want to criticize and say he’s to commercial he’s the modern-day Michael Jackson that can also rap you got to realize the type of run he’s on while some may not compare the boy to the King of Pop it’s getting harder and harder to

Argue that the only thing separating their levels of success influence and a claim is their irys of course they both have reasons as to why folks doubt their legacy as dominant forces in their respective Fields some of it has to do with the music and a lot of it has to do with

Their alleged actions and movement Beyond it nevertheless Drake still has a long way to go when it comes to reaching that same level of near Universal praise that MJ has you may recall a recently fiery debate about whether or not he’s hip-hop which jessin Bay kicked off with

A strong argument in favor of the 37-year-old being more of a pop artist Drake is the modern day MJ Cameron argues however what the MC formerly known as Mo deaf stated with his thoughts is exactly the reason why folks like Cameron praise Drake he has been

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Able to stay sharp and impressive from a pure hip pop standpoint albe it inconsistently while also reaching pop highs that most other artists in the genre had never been able to get close to what the New York Lyricist is getting at is that the Toronto Stars impact and

The doors he’s opened already warrants immediate respect and praise whether it’s a perfect fit or not doesn’t matter he’s too big to not impact every facet of the game meanwhile Drizzy also reciprocates killak Cam’s praise often and you can always count on him to shout

Out his favorite MC of then and of now would you go as far as to compare him to Michael Jackson let us know what you think about all these debates in the comments down below

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