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Catherine Kusasira Stranded in the US, Grappling with a $100,000 Hospital Bill


Singer Catherine Kusasira underwent a successful heart operation in US
Singer Catherine Kusasira underwent a successful heart operation in US

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Veteran Ugandan musician Catherine Kusasira finds herself in a dire situation in the United States, battling a staggering hospital bill amounting to UShs 370 million (approximately $100,000).

Social media posts shared by Kusasira’s representatives reveal that the beloved “Si Dogo” singer, currently undergoing treatment in the US, is unable to leave the hospital premises due to the accumulated medical expenses that exceed her financial means.

The latest update highlights Kusasira’s ongoing struggle, emphasizing the urgent need for support from well wishers as she slowly progresses in her recovery. Amidst the challenging circumstances, prayers and solidarity are being called for to stand by Kusasira during this difficult period.

Just days ago, Kusasira was urgently flown out of Uganda for emergency heart surgery after experiencing severe breathing difficulties. Fortunately, reports indicate that the surgery was successful, and she is now in the recovery phase, albeit facing the daunting prospect of settling her hefty medical bills.

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The underlying cause of Kusasira’s health ordeal has been attributed to excessive fat accumulation around her heart, resulting in significant breathing challenges. Recognizing the critical nature of her condition, swift action was taken to transport her abroad for specialized treatment, underscoring the gravity of her medical situation.

Amidst the mounting financial burden, efforts are underway among fellow artists and close associates in Kampala to appeal for assistance, including potential support from the government, to alleviate Kusasira’s predicament.

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