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Catherine Kusasira Stuck In US Chocking on 370M Hospital Bill


Veteran band love musician, Catherine Kusasira is stuck in United States choking on a hospital debt worth Ushs 370 million.

According to post shared by Kusasira’s social media handlers, stated that “Si Dogo” singer who is still receiving treatment in United States is being held at the hospital because of the accumulated bills that she cannot foot.

“Just in!! I have Been told when I spoke with Ritah Kaggwa Blog and Lilly Kissy Klapwijk that our Dear Catherine kusasira is still stranded in the Hospital after being given a heavy Bill more than the amount she went with, Guys let’s pray for our Maama Kabina though Her recovery is Coming slowly by Slowly 🙏, Let’s Stand with Our Catherine kusasira please!! ##ADMIN.”, Social media handler disclosed.

A few days ago, Catherine Kusasira was rushed out of the country andf flown abroad for an emergency heart surgery due to multiple breathing difficulties and Wednesday reportedly she went succesful emergency Surgery as she is back in recovery fighting for her life.

Catherine Kusasira found herself facing an unexpected health hurdle, leading her to undergo a life-saving heart surgery that has now become the talk of the town.

Reports buzzing through the grapevine indicate that Catherine had been grappling with a breath of fresh air—literally. The culprit? Excessive fat cozying up around her heart, causing a symphony of breathing difficulties.

Singer Catherine Kusasira underwent a successful heart operation in US

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the resilient singer was whisked away to foreign shores just a few days ago, setting her on a path to medical salvation.

It is now reported that fellow artists and close friends in Kampala are behind the talks to secure the funds for the hospital bill from the government.

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