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Chemical Peeling


Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling is the planned destruction of the layers of the skin using a chemically destructive substance. Skin disorders caused by the sun, acne scars and skin aging are important factors that affect the appearance of the skin. Today, one of the most frequently used methods to eliminate these complaints is the “chemical peeling” method.

How does the peeling process work?

Many skin problems are related to or directly caused by cells making the skin thick and lifeless.

Regardless of the substance used in the peeling process, unnecessary cells in the upper part of the skin are removed, revealing the fresh and undamaged skin underneath; Thus, the structuring and construction of the fresh skin underneath is stimulated. With skin activation, a healthy, taut and plump skin appearance is achieved.

At what intervals should the treatment be done and how many applications are required?

Treatment 4-6 times at intervals of approximately 2 or 4 weeks is sufficient and can be repeated every six months or a year if necessary.

For what purposes is peeling treatment used?

Alleviating fine and thick lines formed after sun damage

Increasing skin softness

Reducing acne scars to mild and moderate levels

Correction of skin blemishes

Increasing the skin’s natural radiance

Shrinking skin pores

Removing acne on the skin


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