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Childish Gambino Dispels Friend Zone Rumor, Fans Speculate on Jhené Aiko Connection


Childish Gambino has addressed a rumor that he was once friend zoned by a famous collaborator and fans seem to think they know who it was speaking to BuzzFeed alongside his Mis and Mrs Smith co-star Maya urkin the two were taking it in turns to ask each other questions

When erskin asked the rapper and actor what is a rumor that you hate that is out that you want to disprove right now Glover answered there was a rumor I got friends owned by someone once someone but I didn’t get friends owned by them the rumor is I got friends owned by them

I didn’t get friends owned by them I got others owned many fans thought the person Glover was talking about was singer Jan Aiko one person wrote on X formerly twittered Donald Glover holding on to Jan Aiko is understandable with the same person adding Jan Aiko is bad

As hell I know Donald Glover deeply sze when he looks at his wife another joke Jan Aiko is Donald Glover’s Rihanna referencing Drake’s r rumored fling with his work collaborator Childish Gambino and Jana Aiko most notably collaborated on the 2013 songs pink toes and Bed Piece while Glover also directed the

Singer’s music video for the pressure addressing his relationship with aeko around that time Glover said I think she’s special she doesn’t need anyone like that’s the thing even if we were together she wouldn’t really belong to me she doesn’t belong to anything and I would know that

And that’s the thing I’ve never had to deal with that she’s off in her own world Aiko previously denied the two were in a relationship saying we’re friends we’re good friends that’s all I’m going to say we’re still getting to know each other Gambino is currently in a relationship with Michelle White who

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He married in 2019 and shares three children with IO married producer do de genius in 2016 before they quickly divorced she then began dating big Shawn with the couple welcoming a child together in 2022 Shawn and Aiko recently celebrated their son’s first birthday by taking him

To the zoo the Detroit rapper wrote on Instagram daddy so proud and grateful for you son we celebrating an all week Noah’s big one blue heart

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