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Chrisean Rock Dubbed A Clown For Calling Blueface A Changed Man


Cian Rock and blueface are the couple that just will not go away although they have seemingly broken up and gotten back together hundreds of times they still continue their toxic stream overall they seemed pretty well done just a few months ago krine gave birth to their

Child and refused to let Blue into the kid’s life however she has renewed her love for him and even got a tattoo of his mug shot on her face moreover she has been visiting him in jail where he will likely remember until July her Devotion

To blueface has led to a whole lot of criticism online although in typical cian Rock Fashion she does not seem to care overall she has decided to ride with her man and haters be damned in fact last night she hopped on Instagram live where she offered up an explanation

For her love of the rapper as she explains below blue is a changed man who isn’t just prison talking her she seems to believe things will be different this time around and you can’t help but admire the optimism cian Rock still loves blue face in the comments section of the live bite

Has post above fans were not so convinced that blueface is any different than he used to be in fact some went so far as to call krisan a clown for her naivity she need to watch Love after lock up they all lie and tell multiple women the same thing and they all say

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The same thing she’s saying one person wrote because he’s bored sis what else would he be doing said another needless to say no one is convinced that blueface is any different than he was a month ago at this point the crisan and blueface Saga will never end only time will tell

Whether or not any of this actually lasts let us know what you think of the couple in the comments section below

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