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Chrisean Rock Faces Backlash Over Alleged Colorist Remarks During Instagram Live


Krisan Rock is in hot water with her fan base quite often but this might be the tightest rope she’s walked on yet moreover many fans aren’t happy with her reconciliation with blue face considering their toxic Tendencies as a couple in the past while this is an understandable reunion especially with

His current incarceration in mind folks hoped that the Baltimore native would move past this alas she returned to her full support of the California rapper and now finds opposition to her with every Instagram live session she hosts during her most recent one the mother of one Drew even more backlash for some

Seemingly racist comments against a viewer that forehead and that synthetic we you gotten there krisan Rock told a viewer presumably based off their profile picture who’s eating me up you’re broke as s asteris GIS T and you’re ugly with a fat a asterisk asterisk nose you don’t even and I know

You don’t like your complexion cuz you you look like one of them type of girls her apparently colorist comments didn’t sit well with her audience with one person commenting colorism on the eighth day of Black History Month is nasty work under the post below covering the life

Can we actually cancel her for good I’m tired of seeing her another added krisan rocks color is a Manger fans see comments of course these are pretty extreme reactions from both sides both of which certainly w’t help the former baddy star no one can deny that she’s been through

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A lot not just her romantic past but her constant Antics and status as a single mother while cian Rock has a lot of family support behind her a lot of people grew tired of these back and forths but for now it seems like this train isn’t slowing down anytime soon

Meanwhile this hot water is even extending into the political and religious realm she decided to comment on the Israel Palestine conflict by blasting both groups for not praising Jesus if that’s not enough to get people to shut the live sessions off perhaps they’ll never stop seeing this on their

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