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Chrisean Rock Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Assault After Tamar Braxton Show


Cian Rock’s list of problems stemming from an alleged fight last year just got longer on Tuesday February 6th the social media personality and rapper was sued for allegedly assaulting a man named James Wright Chanel following a Tamar Braxton show in Los Angeles last November the plaintiff who is a backup

Singer for the Grammy Award nominee claims he was sent to the hospital with two broken teeth and cuts on his face according to legal documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times this suit is an addition to a criminal case filed against Rock last month for the same

Incident she hit him multiple times in the face for no reason at all we were surprised that she was able to lead the facility that night wri Chanel’s attorney said she had on rings that were pretty much equivalent to Brass Knuckles the fight reportedly stemmed from the reality television star being

Upset that she wasn’t allowed to rap at the performance the suit claims that in addition to the assault Rock used a homophobic slur directed at wri Chanel soon after the allegations first surfaced in November krisan Rock declared her innocence noting that there’s no footage of the attack why

Tried to lie and say nobody told you she was about to perform her friend who was present at the show said during an Instagram live why did she have the mic why did they have me give the DJ her music like make it make sense why even

Tell her to pull up and get on stage and all that the 23-year-old then chimed in and saiden gas is evil nowadays and they so old and washed up they don’t know what to do that’s the last resort so good luck with that though you feel me I’m

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Not here to people over that I left my son at home to get embarrassed and then they tried to lie about the embarrassment and say I hit somebody she continued did I hit somebody or get embarrassed it would have been a video they lying and don’t got no police report just clout chasing

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