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Chrisean Rock Reveals What She’ll Do To Blueface If He Cheats Again


Cian Rock and blue face are once again back in each other’s lives the two controversial figures have made plenty of waves both as a Duo and as individuals in the past few years and that doesn’t seem like it will slow down anytime soon blue is currently in jail

Following an incident earlier this year and it’s unclear how long he’ll have to stay there but while he is incarcerated craan has been making some moves to try and put their relationship back together last week CIS and rock moved back into blueface house it came just a month

After she made some claims about another house blue reportedly bought for Jaden Alexis craan implied that the house wasn’t actually being paid for by Blue and that it was rented not bought despite how much back and forth there’s been in their relationship krisan seems to be seeking out more

Commitment she claimed last week that she wants to have another child with blue once he’s out of jail now she’s taking to Instagram to tell blueface exactly what she’ll do if he’s Unfaithful again krisan Rock says she’ll castrate blue face if he cheats in the newly released video she claims she’s

Only giving blue one more chance I already told him if that sh asterisk T ain’t only mine when you get home I’m cutting it off and feeding it to his dog Batman and then I’m dipping and I’m never looking back she claims she seems pretty serious about

The commitment as she got a blueface tattoo last week the tattoo proved pretty controversial to those orbiting blue and cian’s World Jaden Alexis Lil Mau the game and Kodak Black all took to social media to give their thoughts on the choice what do you think of krisan Rock’s most recent threat against

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Blueface do you think she would ever follow through on her claims let us know in the comment section below

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