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Chrisean Rock’s Sister Tesehki Gets Her Flowers For Old Singing Clips


You may know the rock family for Cent relationship with blueface but don’t let that box the family into a stereotype in your mind her sister toi has for years been a very talented singer performer and artist in addition to being her co-star on bad’s East moreover some clips of her expressing herself through

This art form started to go viral online with many praising the Baltimore natives talents in fact a lot of people even said that she deserves even more attention and praise than she’s getting as she usually falls into reality TV drama or craan Rock’s social media turbulence but there’s a lot more talent

To display here and hopefully she finds even more success in it furthermore toi teased fans with new music just last month so she’s clearly in the middle of building a sustainable fan base these days that can be harder than ever but with built- in promotional opportunities and general public interest in the Rock

Family we can’t image that hurts her all we can hope for is that the 30-year-old doesn’t find these connections to be obstacles in her path but rather structures that she can use and contribute to for her benefit everyone’s got to get their bags somehow and put themselves out there for the

Sake of their art to Seiki singing skills listen regardless it’s very unlikely that all the drama surrounding this family will slow down so C and Rock’s sister will likely still engage with this for example she recently called out her sister’s best friend for an incident with blue face surrounding

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His baby with krisan and how he apparently kidnapped him from the friend who was babysitting him if there’s one thing about teki it’s that she will always take the gloves off to defend her sister pair that with a group of women on a Zeus Network reality spectacle and

The results are nothing short of fiery well correction if anyone’s going to fight cian it’s her sister she recently commented on how they will never be cool after Blue’s former jumped to Seiki along with a couple of her friends we’ll see if there’s a Reconciliation on the way or if it’ll

Still be a begrudging defense for more news and the latest updates on the Rock family stay up to

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