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Colman Domingo and Nia Long Spotted on Set of Michael Jackson Biopic


Coleman Domingo and Mia long have been spotted on the set of Michael the Michael Jackson biopic in which the pair are due to play the king of Pop’s parents the film began shooting this week with a number of child actors also spotted on set to play the young

Versions of the Jackson 5 Jackson’s real life nephew Jafar is set to play the King of Pop himself during his adult years the film is being directed by Antonio fuka best known for training day and The Equalizer trilogy fuka has said the film will try to encapsulate Jackson’s Legacy as a brilliant yet

Complicated man however there have been some concerns about the film’s objectivity as it has been given the approval of Jackson’s estate the film is due to be released in April 2025 and is already being considered as a front runner for the 2026 Oscars who are Coleman Domingo and Neil

Long as mentioned Domingo and long are playing Jackson’s parents Joe and Catherine Domingo came up through Broadway to begin with his breakout role was in the Scottsboro boy which earned him a Tony he would later reprise his role in the West End Revival later he

Would go on to write the book for a Broadway production based on the life of Donna Summer his mainstream film roles would come later often finding himself cast as civil rights icons however his career would take a very different turn as he played x a ruthless pimp in Zola the film

Adaptation of a viral 2015 Twitter thread he took on another terrifying role in The Color Purple portraying Mis the protagonist’s abusive husband also in 2023 he appeared as the lead in The Civil Rights biopic Rustin for which he earned an Oscar nomination meanwhile best known for her

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Comedy work long has been acting since the early ’90s she received a claim for her dramatic role in boys and the hood before becoming better known for comedic work this includes the Big Mama’s House and are We There Yet franchise is in the early 2000s however she has the gravitas for

Drama in 2023 she appeared in the uniquely shot missing as the kidnapped mother of the protagonist

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