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Comedian Taata Sam and Crew Survive Accident

Comedian Taata Sam has revealed how he and his crew survived a nasty accident. The comedian in a local TV interview said that they were coming from a show in Bukerere, Namugongo in the wee hours of the night when they ran into this unfortunate ordeal.

Apparently, they rammed into a trailer that was parked besides the road. This had no reflectors and it was in a corner with no street lights and impossible to notice. The car got wrecked into an unrecognizable state and the occupants sustained different injuries. Luckily, no one lost their life.

Taata Sam added that those who came to their rescue made off with their properties such as phones, laptops, cash, and clothes among other valuables. The comedian also said that luckily for hm, Senga Ssebanga, the president of comedians gave him some money and he repaired the car. On top of that, he even promised to buy him a new one in the future.

Additionally, the comedian said that this is the reason they haven’t done several skits lately.

“We haven’t been doing shows in the recent past because we got a nasty accident. As we were coming from a show in Bukerere, we crashed into a stationary trailer by the roadside. Several of my crew members got various injuries but we thank God all of us are still alive. Our car go badly damaged but my president Senga Ssebanga gave me some money which I used to repair it,” he said.

Going ahead to speak, the funnyman said that the situation nowadays is tough. They no longer get shows like they used to because promoters are scarce nowadays. He blames all this on the too many requirements needed nowadays to organize shows.

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