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Consequence Declines TMZ Special on Kanye West, Citing Loyalty Amidst Turbulent Times


Consequence claims that he was asked to appear in a TMZ special about Kanye West’s controversial comments but he turned and down out of loyalty to his longtime friend and collaborator on Tuesday February 6th KH shared a screenshot of texts between him and ye from a few weeks back in which he

Told the Mogul that he will not be taking part in the project in response ye wrote that’s love his caption read loyalty over royalties I was approached by at TMZ to be featured and their special Kanye West unhinged but Unstoppable I myself have had great interactions with Harvey and Charles but

Anyone who really knows why he would know that he would feel leveraged and exploited by this move even if you’re speaking on him in a positive light he continued that being said even with what has recently transpired I opted to pass all money ain’t good money Queens get

The money despite the positive exchange above things between Kanye West and consequence have been Rocky of late which is most likely what the latter was referring to when he mentioned what has recently transpired in a post from late December the Queen’s native aired out the Chicago native in an open letter I’m posting

This clip of the YY y pods because I was asked to buy a staff member but I have to get something off my chest regardless of the consequences he wrote I have always leared my love support and expertise to Yi since comand Productions circuit 2002 so what KY West never again say in

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Public or to others in private that you are alone that’s the biggest slap in the face you could give to your team guys like me Don C monip GL do IBN arrow and even Virgil rip have given you big portions of our adult lives so that we

Could all be the Bulls but we didn’t help you become Jordan so you could turn into Jerry Krauss and start playing 3D musical chairs with the brothers cons concluded you can be the one with the money and even the power but I will always need my respect if you can

Apologize to the Jewish community in Hebrew then maybe you should apologize to a few of your guys in English love you bro but this is 192 in the past consequence has called out others for abandoning Kanye West including his fellow good music compatriots at the top of the year he

Criticized push a t for cutting ties with ye calling his AC disgusting then in October he posted a video questioning his fellow good music alumni for not coming to ya a where everybody else at he asked in the clip I’m putting out an APB on good music

Everybody who got a check with he where you at you ain’t got nothing to do with this why ain’t nobody else got nothing to do with this why I’m the only one in the headlines I’m always the only one in the headlines you know why cuz I’m the one

Anda in his February 2023 song disappointed consequence continued to push this message as he wrapped about how quick yes SES were to disappear when things got tough despite having made loads of money thanks to the superstars talents everything I did in rap helped Eng gas get rich slash so they could

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Trick on their and put food on the table slash but when we in a crisis you can see who’s ungrateful slash the whole label ran instead of having yes back slash I guess crabs in a be is the curse of being black he wraps on

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