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Court Process Servers Sue Police Officer for illegal Detention – UG Standard


IGANGA – Two court staff (Kalunsi Michael and Mwesigwa Richard)  have dragged to Court Stella Nankunda (respondent)  the OC CID for Namutumba Police station accusing her of assaulting them as they were on their official duties.

Counsel Steven Kalali addressing the media on behalf of his clients (Applicants) on Wednesday.

These through their lawyers of Ssekaana Associated Advocates and Consultants in their application filed before Iganga Magistrates Court , asked court to order the the errant officer to compensate them with forty million shillings on top of issuing other orders and declarations.

“A declaration that the respondent violated /infringed on the applicant’s right to practice their legal profession, a declaration that the respondent  is liable for infringement of applicant’s right to liberty.”  reads part of the plaint.

These have also asked court to declare  that Natukunda basing on the offenses she committed, she doesn’t fit to be in public office and therefore issue an ordering to have her dismissed from the Uganda Police Force.

On top of that they want court to order her issue a public apology to the court staff she assaulted  and also issue a permanent injunction against the respondent from continued violation of Applicant’s rights.

According to the affidavit in support of the matter sworn by Kaluusi Michael (applicant) on behalf of other colleague, on 14th December 2023 , they were assaulted by Natukunda as they  had gone to effect court service to a one Logose Sulaina a resident of Namutumba who is having  a case against in court.

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That they reported the matter (Assault) o Namutumba Police station  under reference SD/REF/59/14/12/2023

“That while at Namutumba Police Station, the said Logose Sulaina came along since she was a resident and shouted on top of her voice how we were wasting time since the Police in Namutumba was under her control including the respondent and nothing would be done to her.”

That after that , Natukunda came and informed them that they were under arrest , however much they requested to know the charges against them but she didn’t tell them any but only told them that they had powers to keep them there for all the time she could wish.

“She shouted at us ordering us to sit down since she was not interested in hearing any no sense from us, confined us to a room at the Police station as she directed officers at the station to watch over us not to leave or take any step unless she ordered / directed otherwise.”

That on top that she informed them that they have nothing to do to her since they are the people in power and even if they decided to report her to the Inspector General of Police, nothing could be done to her.

Its from the above background that these two officers decided to petition court to have the  said officer penalized for violation of their rights.

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