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Delegation Of Buganda Decision Makers Meets Kabaka in Namibia As Speculations For a New Katikkiro Heats Up..


A delegation of cultural leaders from the Buganda Kingdom arrived in Windhoek, Namibia on June 14, 2024. They were transported via a flight facilitated by President Museveni and immediately met with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, who is currently receiving medical care in Namibia. The delegation did not include the outgoing Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga, and reportedly discussed his replacement. Possible successors include Wasswa Birigwa, Christopher Bwanika, Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule, David Mpanga, and Ssewava Sserubiri.

Meanwhile as TV10GanoMazima and Investigator TV, we have seriously kept our ears on ground for more speculations over the new Katikkiro, to replace Charles Peter Mayiga, have continued to emerge with other sources claiming that the three names of the possible candidates for the Katikkiroship, includes Peter Mpanga, Ssewava Sserubiri and Wasswa Birigwa.

 It can be recalled that since the return of the monarchy in Buganda the change of the position of Katikkiro, though has been smooth, there has been in fighting, undermining the incumbent or some wrong doings, except two, Mayanja Nkangi, who had to hand over the ‘Ddamula’ as a new Kabaka must appoint his own Katikkiro and Ssendaula who was a Katikkiro in acting capacity.

Historical Lineage of Katikkiros: Eng. Walusimbi followed Owek. Daniel Muliika, who was appointed as a substantive Premier after Owek. Emmanuel Ssendwula’s acting tenure. Ssendwula had stepped in following Owek. Joseph Mulwaanyammuli Ssemwogerere of the Lugave (Pangolin) totem. Before Mulwanyammuli, Owek Jeoash Mayanja Nkangi (RIP) of the Omutima (Heart) totem served as Katikkiro.Notably, Owek Nkangi initially served under Sir Edward Muteesa II until 1966, when Uganda’s then Prime Minister, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote, outlawed monarchies. With the restoration of the kingdoms by President Yoweri Museveni in 1993, Kabaka Mutebi briefly reinstated Owek Mayanja Nkangi as Katikkiro, before he was succeeded by Owek Joseph Mulwaanyammuli Ssemwogerere.“Katikkiro Joseph Semwogerere’s term was marked by challenges, particularly the failed attempt to secure Federal status for the Kingdom, which led to a Regional Tier system instead. This outcome, negotiated by Semwogerere’s delegation with President Museveni, ultimately tarnished his legacy and led to his departure.”“Katikkiro Eng. Walusimbi, despite being a suitable replacement for Semwogerere due to his close relationship with the President, faced opposition from Buganda youths working in the kingdom’s departments, which hindered his administration. However, his premature announcement of Prince Ssemakookiro’s birth, which turned out to be a mistake, ultimately tarnished his legacy and led to his departure from Bulange on a sour note.” “Katikkiro Dan Muliika’s tenure was brief due to his uncompromising stance and strict demands for accountability from all kingdom departments. His robust approach, rooted in trade unionism, raised concerns about potential clashes with the central government, leading to his swift exit.” “Next, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga took office with great enthusiasm and widespread support from Buganda youths, who had long advocated for his appointment. During his tenure, he championed various development projects, including the completion of Masengere House, and encouraged families to initiate their own development projects. Additionally, he motivated Buganda youths to participate in kingdom affairs and join kingdom institutions, leaving a lasting impact on the kingdom’s development and youth engagement.” 


“However, Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga’s tenure was also marked by a significant flaw: he overstepped his bounds by assuming duties meant for cultural leaders, thereby restricting their access to the Kabaka. This move not only created tension with the royal family but also limited their ability to interact with their own prince, causing a rift in the kingdom’s traditional structures.”

Here are the current developments and signals of change in Buganda:

 Kabaka Mutebi is reportedly considering appointing a new Katikkiro  Mayiga has been criticized for his handling of public relations concerning the Kabaka’s health  Allegations have been made that President Museveni planted informants to monitor the Kabaka’s health  Kabaka Mutebi recently sent his personal aide back to Uganda after discovering the aide had secretly communicated with Premier Mayiga 

 Kabaka’s recent trip to Namibia for treatment was not disclosed to Mayiga, who only learned about it through social media

“A significant development hinting at impending leadership changes in Buganda Kingdom emerged during a recent Buganda Lukiiko (Parliament) session. Professor Badru Kateregga, a respected figure, posed questions to Katikkiro Mayiga regarding the Kabaka’s health and whereabouts. This inquiry, reportedly orchestrated by influential figures within the Lukiiko and the Kabaka’s cabinet, signified a deliberate move towards ushering in new leadership at Mengo, marking a potential end to Mayiga’s tenure.” 

Direct Communication from Kabaka: Recently, Kabaka Mutebi bypassed Mayiga to address his subjects through former Katikkiro Owek Mulwaanyammuli, assuring the public of his stable health and expressing optimism about returning soon. This direct communication suggested a possible decline in the Kabaka’s trust in Mayiga.

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Speeding forward, a prominent Buganda Princess (names withheld) confronted President Museveni during the Heroes Day celebrations in Gomba last weekend, accusing him of being part of the team supporting Mayiga at Mengo, hence potentially risking his (Museveni) support in Buganda. Shocked by these allegations, President Museveni reportedly sought more details from the Princess, which led him to reconsider his stance on Mayiga.

Criticism and Serious Allegations: Mayiga has faced criticism for his handling of public relations concerning the Kabaka’s health. Critics argue that his approach has led to misinformation and conspiracy theories, including false reports of the Kabaka’s death.

In 2019, Baganda from all over the globe demanded the Kabaka’s appearance before them, claiming he was in a critical condition. The Kabaka indeed appeared before his subjects in a frail state, with cameras capturing him struggling to breathe. Mayiga’s explanation of an allergy did not satisfy the public’s concerns.Government Involvement: Allegations have always been that President Museveni planted informants to monitor the Kabaka’s health. Upon discovering the extent of the Kabaka’s illness, Museveni facilitated his treatment in Germany. Despite this intervention, rumors persisted that Mengo officials under Mayiga’s stewardship swindled the Kabaka’s treatment money. Nevertheless, the Kabaka has since made regular visits to Germany for specialized medical care.Glaring Signs of Potential Dismissal: Recently, Kabaka Mutebi reportedly sent his personal aide back to Uganda after discovering the aide had secretly communicated with Premier Mayiga about his activities against the Kabaka’s orders. This incident highlights a growing rift between the duo.Furthermore, Kabaka’s recent trip to Namibia for treatment was not disclosed to Owek. Mayiga, who only learned about it through social media. Its from here that he invented an official public statement about Kabaka`s situation. This incident underscores the widening communication gap between the Kabaka and his Katikkiro.Prospective Successors: As Kabaka Mutebi considers a new Katikkiro, Owek Charles Peter Mayiga’s tenure appears to be nearing its end. The evolving dynamics within the Buganda Kingdom and the ongoing scrutiny of Mayiga’s leadership suggest significant changes ahead.

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The future leadership of Buganda remains a topic of keen interest, with implications for the kingdom’s stability and progress. Sources indicate that Kabaka has mentioned Owek. Christopher Bwanika, his current Attorney General, Owek. Patrick Luwaga Mugumbule, the current Lukiiko Speaker, Owek. David Mpanga, and Ambassador Martin Andjaba as potential replacements for Mayiga.


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