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In a small village, there was a legendary swordsmith who forged a magnificent double-edged sword. The sword was named “Justice,” and it was said to have the power to vanquish evil and bring peace to the land. However, as time passed, the village elder’s successor became corrupted by power and greed. He used Justice to oppress and enslave the villagers, exploiting its strength for personal gain. The sword’s negative effects became apparent, and the villagers suffered greatly.

The story of Justice, the double-edged sword, served as a reminder that even the most powerful tools can have both positive and negative effects, depending on the intentions of those who wield them. In this regard, Uganda is a village with double edged sword with positive and negative multiplier effects onto the people. President Museveni has played the LION and FOX tactics during his high profiled political journey.

From his bush war days upto date, the son of Kaguta has showcased a fearless, tough and strongman image, and then a moderate, liberal and very tolerant person. This has been his major strength and weakness leading to what Uganda is today. He is the exact opposite of Gen. Paul Kagame for (Rwandan Democratic govermance), and Tanzanian Democratic system too.

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Its in Uganda where the opposition can castigate, talk about a government’s weakness in the press, be it social media, and go back home safely, Its only in Uganda where the corrupt are given time and space to prove their innocence yet they also know that they are 100 percent guilty.

Its in this nation where opposition political blocks have their own president controlling the election losers block, those on the social media, and those in the ghetto taking marijuana, waragi and mairungi. Its in this very nation where citizens talk ill of their motherland even to the foreign donors, and nothing is done to them. All the above happen because of political freedoms and human rights, noo, its because of the personality of Museveni, and this has prolonged his Political life expectancy.

Its in Uganda still where everyday is a partying holiday with pomp and fanfare, bars are open 24/7, brothels do provide services unchecked and Musicians rule urban centres. Betting is a big industry and foreign football clubs hold mass support and membership than local football leagues. And it is in here where every one cares for himself, national issues are for those in politics and government employment. In other words, Patriotism is a yesterday thing.

The law is bended according to who is the victim vizaviz complsinant.

And lastly its in here where slander, obscenities, and all sorts of abuses are used in solving political differences. So everything is tolerated, and that is MUSEVENOCRACY. My question is how long shall this Musevenocracy stay? The answer is as long as president Museveni is still in power…. And after him leaving power, whom do you expect among the opposition leaders to reverse this? Is it Bobi Wine, Besigye, Mpuuga, Nobert Mao? Ofcourse, people should start contemplating about the years to come, Uganda, without the African CHE GUEVARRA.

A leader in the league of Paul Kagame or the late JP Magufuli of Tanzania is needed to do FACTORY RESETTING. The son of Kaguta is both loved and hated by his people because of his leadership qualities, and it depends on how one perceives him. Its upon you to judge him according to your rationale, but history is yet to judge him if he orchestrates a smooth transition of political power to another political actor.

Gaddafi of Libya is a good example, after his demise of course see Modern Libya now. Let not the nation be handed over to political hyenas opportunists and self seekers, and as the current crop of leaders fighting their way to IKULU
(State house, wait till his successor comes into power so that you too can brush your shoes, iron your expensive suit and showcase your abilities to Ugandans.

Otherwise for now, Museveni has created a POLLUTED society for his best interests, and Robert Kyagulanyi is one of the most polluted ones. God bless Uganda The genetation will want a leader who is more lenient like the NRM guru….thats why his chosen successor should steer the wheel, after which a credible leader shall arise.

For those who think of changing the Political course of the country, let them start CIVIC groups, repoliticise the masses up to the grassroot level where the peasants are, otherwise if one guages the Social media frenzy NUP fans, its not a baseline for change, and the STRUGGLE should be more credible if its not held by a CACOON of already polluted, and wishful youngmen.
The famous ten point programmes Museveni crafted during his bushwar days were discarded in the dustbins of history….From 1996, to date, persinal vision runs this country, and unless the NRM crafts a leader quite different from Museveni, but with the same charisma, the Yellow bus shall not be able to move on the very roads and environment its current leader created over a long period of time.

Both the opposition and the ruling regime have a lot of home work to do, and the markers shall be the next generation of voters not the polluted ones of now🇺🇬

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