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DFCU officials tip members on benefits of investment clubs


By Charles Katabalwa,


Katabi division residents have been tipped on benefits of joining investment clubs because they guarantees more returns in form of interest and enables the group to do more with tbeir money.

The remarks were made by Benson Bagonza, officer in charge of personal banker at the bank while meeting with the members of Tusakimu investment club in kawuku Katabi division in Entebbe municipality. He advised members of the said club to have shared vision and goal if they are to succeed in their club.

Members of Tusakimu investment club in Katabi , Entebbe during a meeting with officials from DFCU bank.

Ritah Mulyanti, the Branch manager DFCU Namasuba branch, argued the group to desist from rumors and aim higher, saying that investment clubs with its advantage of interest free doesn’t limit new entrants.

Mulyanti disclosed that DFCU bank gives an interest of 2-3 percent to investment clubs urging the public to join the clubs.

“To start up an investment club only needs four people to infinity, and instead investment clubs are given interests by the said Bank ranging between 2-3% annually without banker charges imposed on them,” she explained.


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